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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for thought life and feelings of fear

    I feel a lot of thoughts tormenting me that about things that aren't even that bad and fine, I feel that I get easily confused about right and wrong and feel like I am dealing with a lot of irrational fear, I need to help some people and feel like the devil is working on my mind, I pray God keeps reminding me that God doesn't give the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind. If there is something wrong with my mind, as I often feel weak minded about certain things that God heals my mind or helps me to deal with it and have wisdom. God please help me to discern between right and wrong and to keep peace and feel secure in you.
  • My husband

    I thank you so very much for your prayers They mean a lot. The Dr. Is going to help my husband get off of pain pill's. Praise the Lord! I rejoice in the Lord!
    Please pray for us we are going camping tomorrow and my husband took too many pills and is not himself. My daughter has anxiety about going camping with him.
    Thank you for your prayers! They are being answered!
    Thank you!
  • Family

    We are going camping. So please pray for us.
    Thank you!
  • My cousin's husband has pneumonia

    Please pray for my cousin's husband who was admitted to the hospital a couple of days ago with severe pneumonia and is sedated and on a respirator. Tests results also indicate the presence of staph and strep and so he is now being transferred to a bigger hospital. He is also not going to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding tomorrow.
  • Marriage and Blended Family

    Hi! I believe in the power of Prayer and i am holding on by a thread. My wife started Counseling and I will be as well but every day is a battle. I just ask that you would please pray for spiritual protection over my wife and myself. Especially her mind as she is felling guilt, condemnation and hopelessness. I am just wanting to give up. I cant see how she will come around after two years but i ask that you would pray for me that God would give me HOPE and clear direction. I feel like every day i have a new direction so i am starting to feel a bit crazy. I know i cant trust my own thinking but i need to do something and i need to provide some stability and direction for my children and i dont just want them and me to wait forever for my wife to again be apart of things but it is hard.

    Please pray for me and pray for my wife and each of my children. They are precious.
  • please pray for my brother

    My brother jarod is having a lot of problems with his girlfriend and his health, please help him to have wisdom on how to handle the situation and pray that God works on his heart and his girlfriends heart, that they grow in Christ and if they are meant to be together that God puts it all together. I pray for healing of my brothers emotions and that we both have wisdom on doctors he needs to see and to help his health, he has bleeding happening somewhere in his body and it comes out in his bowel movements. He has had drug problems in the past and now has hepatiitis C, pray that the doctors and jake has wisdom on how to heal it. I pray that jakes nutritional deficiencies get better and that he has wisdom on taking vitamins and takes the ones he needs.
  • Lost camera

    My brother lost his waterproof camera in the river,it's something small,but I'm praying he finds it..it would mean the world to him if he found it! Thank you!
  • A friend needing guidance

    Please pray for a friend of mine. I've been praying for a real close friend,he's in the dark, with not knowing what there is(God,or what kind of higher being) he's making progress but I'd appreciat all the prayer possible!
  • help

    My wife was a recovered alcoholic when I met her. Well, she has fallen off the wagon. She is drinking on a daily basis. She has missed 80 hours of work. And they are about to fire her. If that happens, we will lose our house. And we have two little boys. She also drove her car off the road. And I am concerned she is driving my kids around intoxicated. She does not help clean the house anymore. When I come home from work, she is passed out on the couch. I just don't know what to do. I would appreciate any prayers. Thank you
  • My husband

    My husband is needing urgent prayers. I can't explain what it is.
    Thank you for your prayers!