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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • husband

    Please pray for my husband and me. He's been straying away from Christ and is getting involved with things he shouldnt. We have a baby and I need my husband to be the head of the family and lead us in a good direction. As for me, please pray for guidance love and faith. This whole thing has been so hard to go through.
  • life-threatening

    My aunt is 29. She was admitted to ICU yesterday evening. She is in full blown DKA and died this morning at about 6:30 when they did CPR on her and brought her back after 20 minutes. She now has a breathing tube and is in a coma. There is a slim chance that she will make it through the night. She is in critical condition. Her name is Karen. Any prayers for her or our family is a God bless.
  • My Bestfriends Dad :(

    I am asking for prayer for my bestfriends dad Jerry. He is in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure also gallbladder that needs to be removed. He is in very bad shape. He is also a diabetic. Please pray for Jerry, JoAnn and my bestfriend Jessie and the rest of the family. Thank you in advance.
  • Freind Needs urgent prayer

    My friend needs urgent prayers for Gods guidance and direction concerning relationships. Please join me in prayer for her and the man on her heart. Thank you.
  • prayers

    Hello.. My dear friend Loraine has been trying to get pregnant for a while now.. And has not been able too.. Also, her red blood cells are shrinking, and she has more white blood cells.. Which can be dangerous.. I ask that you pray for her.. And that God helps her.. Thank you so much.. God bless
  • Healing for sister, mom, help with bills

    Please pray for my sister Karin, she has stage 3 cervical cancer and dealing with chemo and radiation both. Karin has been the caretaker for our elderly mother. Mom has spent 10 days in the hospital with breathing problems and infections and Karin can't go anywhere near her. Praise that our cousin Ardell, a retired RN has stepped in and has been able to help both of them lots. Mom is now in an after care nursing home and needs care 24/7. Please pray that my economic circumstances improve so as to enable me to fly down to Lousiana to help also. I am having trouble paying my bills and need a renter for my spare room. Lord please send me someone I can trust!
  • Immigrations

    Hi, I've never done anything like this before. My fiance & I live in different countries. We are currently in the process of trying to be approved for me to move to Canada, but we have now already been refused once, due to them not believing our relationship is real despite all of our proof. We're now in the process of an appeal. If we don't get approved we will be facing dealing w/ living long distance for the majority of our lives because he can't leave his career in Canada. I trust that whatever happens will be God's will. I do hope that he & I have a future & will be able to share our lives together. Thank you so much for your time & God bless.

  • severe depression

    Please pray for me. I am really struggling with depression and fighting thoughts of suicide.
  • Quitting smoking!

    I really your prayers and The Lords strength because this Saturday I'm going to quit smoking after 30 years! I know I can if all this through Him who gives me strength. I'm scared though. Please pray for success and God to be glorified!
  • healing for becky

    Please pray for becky, my daughter in laws grandmother. Becky went through surgery to scrape cancer out of her stomach, spleen and pancreas. The surgeon took out mosst of her spleen and pancreas, but still tests positive for cancer. She lives in lewiston idaho but had her surgery in seattle. She had been home about a week when she started to not feel so good, went to st joes and got flown to sesttle yesterday. We just heard she has an infection from surgery and a blood clot in her lungs. Please pray for healing in becky and peace for the family, especially my daughter in law,aly, who takes care of becky. Thank you to whoever reads this and prays.