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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • for my friend's aunt and uncle

    my friend's aunt is pregnant again, this is the 5th time. every single time before though they've had a miscarriage or the baby has died while coming out. please pray for her aunt emma to safely give birth and for this baby to make it too!
  • Healing from Cancer

    Please pray for my priest's 23 year old daughter who has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Please pray for a complete healing. My priest's name is Fr. Andrew Welzig from Christ the Saviour Antiochian Orthodox Church.
  • Daughter needs eyes opened

    Daughter needs legal help with getting a parenting/visitation plan in place. She doesn't understand system & won't listen to me & husband too busy/stressed to help her & doesn't want me to ask our church for advice/referrals. We need prayer badly
  • My Mom and our family

    My mom is living with us and is in the care of hospice. She could die at any time. I am alone taking care of her since the rest of my family is at work. It is hard to see her wasting away and doing the paper work for when she dies. Knowing I will have to deal with my brother when she does die is not something I look forward to. She is a Christian, but my brother is not. Please pray for her and how I should deal with my brother who is hard to deal with and has not been in contact with her or us in five years.

    This station keeps me going and turned toward God when I feel like giving up, Thank you. May God bless you as much as you have blessed me.
  • Prayers for my dad...

    Today our family received news that my dad has stage 4 bone cancer. The doctors thought it was severe pneumonia and he was admitted to SHMC. He has been there since Saturday evening and I have been praying every day for him to come home to us. Getting this devastating news has broken all of our hearts and we pray that chemo and radiation will allow him to remain strong and healthy. He is our rock that holds our family together and he is my hero. My dad is the kindest man who would do anything for anyone. He loves unconditionally with an open mind and heart. Please pray with and for us that GOD sees our prayers right now as we struggle and that he allows us to remain strong for my dad while he endures all of the procedures that lay ahead of him and please pray that he will be with us for a long time to come. I love you dad!!!
  • prayer for my mother in law

    Today my mother in law goes in for surgery for a tumer in her head I ask everyone to pray for her.Also for all her children that inculdes my husband to be strong have faith in god because all things are possible in christ.
    Thank you for all your prayers.
  • Trapped Young Man

    I would ask that you pray for a young man named Jared. He's 13. His mother left him with a family member for 6 months then ripped him away without allowing any continuing contact, even though Jared wants it. When Jared first came out of his mother's "care", he'd been cutting himself and smoking weed. During the six months away from his mother, he improved. Since the mother has gotten Jared back she insults him to his face and in front of others. My heart hurts for this young man. Satan seems to want to claim him. Please join me in praying for his protection from Satan's lies, for physical protection, and that Satan's attacks will result in a glorious awakening to the love the Lord has for him.
  • Heartboken

    I would have been with my girlfriend and her daughter for three years in mid October. She left August 4th, for her ex. she cheated on me. This was the second time. I just dont understand why she did this to me. I tried my hardest to make everything work. Ive been praying and getting closer to God Jehova. Sometimes it hits me hard. I feel bad for her daughter who I dont get to see. I feel lonely and betrayed. Please pray that everything will work out for the better and ill find the right person for me. I appreciate any and all prayers. THANK YOU SOO MUCH:-)
  • interview

    I have an interview Thursday with the school district. Please pray I get the job it pays well and the hours are good for a single mom. I also had an interview with a bank last week please pray I get one of those jobs. I need more money and more time with my children. Thank you for praying.
  • Under Employment ... Update

    Thank God for answered prayer!

    After months of draining my savings to make ends meet, God has provided! I've
    been promoted to a full time position in the department I wanted in the company
    I've worked part time for about fourteen months.

    Praise God!!!

    And Thank You for Your Prayers!!!