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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • New Job and Faith

    Please lift me and pray for the Lord's favor upon me. I had an interview for a job that would allow me to use my Masters and do the Lord's work helping people. I have been looking for a new job for over two years. Please, pray a door is opened for me.
  • Healing

    Pls pray for my mom her name is Belen she was an a car accident on November ,2008 that left her with a brain damage she can't move or speak or do anything on her own:( and pray for me and my sisters that God will give us strength so we can keep taking care of her.
  • Prayer for 25 year old son

    Please pray that our son gets the hours he needs with his weekend job. He is also juggling a demanding school schedule and a long commute every day, as well. We pray he will re-dedicate his life to the Lord & find a way to go to church (midweek if possible) since he works weekends. Thanks very much for praying! His name is Jared.
  • Prayer for son to get job soon

    Please pray for our son (23) to get another job soon. He has been trying for a long time & our request is that the Lord will show him favor. He recently interviewed and they will give him an answer in 2 weeks.
    He is a strong Christian and this has been a discouraging period of time for him. Thanks so much for all your prayers
  • Prayer for heart change

    Please pray that The Lord will give me joy & excitement about our upcoming move. I'm willing & moving forward but my heart is sad..I'm trying to thank The Lord for my husband's job, etc...I'd like Him to touch my heart to feel the right way and not just be obedient...I want this for my husband's sake.
  • Feeling broken & alone

    My wife no longer has feelings for me & has asked for a divorce. Our 12yr wedding anniversary is in eleven days. We have two young daughters together ages 11 & 7. This has devestated me - and I don't really know where to go from here. Your prayers are very much needed & appreciated.
  • 15 month old needs prayer

    Please pray for my niece's fifteen month old who is sick. They are taking him to the hospital in Spokane since he hasn't gotten better after going to his local hospital. He is having trouble breathing, was dehydrated, and is still lethargic. Please pray for healing for Holden, wisdom for the doctors, and peace for the whole family. Thank you!
  • Grandson

    Please pray for my 4 year old grandson, as he had his tonsils out and is having a tough time with the pain. Please pray for strength for his mom and ease of her worries that he will be well soon. Thank you.
    And Praise God for the healing on the way!!!.

    This is not a prayer request, but words from God He has placed on my heart as I was in prayer over your requests . "I know the pain some of you face. I know the loneliness that some of you feel. I know every provision that you need and every healing that will take place. I know the peace some of you need in a world that is not your own. I love you children and remember, my plan is to ALWAYS bless you and give you everything according to my Riches and Glory. I have overcome so that you may receive ALL that I have to give. I am sooo near to you right now. With faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains and they will be moved! Keep trusting Me. Don't let go."
    I would ask that whoever reads this would click on the " I prayed for You" so that I would be encouraged that you read it. May God truly bless you all today and forever!
    Simple Servant
  • Direction

    Due to government budget cuts, my husband will be forced out of the military soon... We built a home in Spokane when we got stationed here 2 years ago, but there aren't many local job prospects in the Aircraft Industry. My husband has a job offer in Kuwait! While we are thankful for this offer, it would mean separation of our family, or moving our family to Kuwait (selling or renting out our home, leaving the school, neighborhood and friends that our kid's love). Previous deployments have proved that separation is destructive for our young children. Please pray for God's guidance and direction for our family and that my husband would hear/know what God's will is regarding his future employment.