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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • I need His healing touch..

    I need the hand of God to touch my back and my knee. Not sure what is happening but I am in constant pain, tried some home remedies but nothing is working. I can not afford insurance and doctor's are very expensive. I am a single mom struggling. Thank you.
    Psalm 30:2
    LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. (NIV)

    Please pray for J.L. This person overdosed. We appreciate prayers please, for the person, family and children!!!!! Thank you.
  • My brother

    Please pray for my younger brother. That he turns his heart toward God, and makes Jesus his savior . His name is Aaron. And that all my family members will become true followers of Jesus Christ and seek him with there hole heart. I am a young stay at home mom with my 2 young boys , please pray that I will raise my 2 boys, in a way that is pleasing to God. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless You. All the Glory go to Jesus, our precious savior. Amen
  • My Friend

    Please pray that my friend will call me. He's going through a hard time and I would love to hear from him.
  • Healing for Daughter

    Please pray for healing for my daughter, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when she was 10, she is now 16. She is currently in the hospital again (3rd time this year).
    Thank you
  • A Need For God's Devine Direction

    Please pray that God would be foremost in my life... I want be a witness and example of God's love for ALL of my family! We need Gods direction to find a church home also..
  • Bring Him Home

    My best friend was sent to ALS and is training to be Staff Sergeant. He doesn't want to be in the Air Force any longer. He was supposed to be let go last year on November 19th but they kept him in and continue to keep him in no matter how much he has tried to get out. He's too much of an asset to them, so they aren't letting him go. He doesn't want to be Staff Sergeant. All he wants is to be home with me and my family that has become his. We are coming up on the halfway mark of his two years of service after his contract ended, but there's no telling what they will have him do. He has a family here at home who needs him. There are things going on with me that involve my safety and the safety of my family. My father is still free and able to roam around while he had sexually abused me and so many others.
  • Job oppotunity/ financial strain

    My family is in some financial strain. Behind on our house and car and a few others. My husband has a great opportunity that would really help us out but it is a job that requires him to be gone months at a time. Please pray for us and whatever jesus has in his plans for our family. This job would reallly help but I know god has plans and I want to do whatever his plans are and not what we think is best.
  • Needing help

    I am tired of being so angry and overwhelmed all the time. I feel like part of it comes from not hearing God clearly when I'm trying to figure out where He wants me and what He wants me to be doing with my life. I need His guidance and peace and any prayers would be appreciated!
  • Thumbdrive

    I'm a writer and a high school student and I've lost my thumb-drive. For me, this is a disaster because there are many important documents on it. I would appreciate your prayer that God would show me where it is. The last time I saw it was two days, and since then I've been looking it, but to no avail. Thank you very much in advance.