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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Someone Named John or Johnathan

    God put this name on my heart. I need to pray for someone named John or Johnathan. He is a follower of Christ, but is being attacked mentally by the enemy. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus whoever you are , that God lays a blanket of protection. I hope this word gets to him. Read, pray and focus on God the father, he will get you through this. God bless.
  • Brother addicted to drugs

    I am asking for prayers for my brother who is addicted to drugs. I pray that he wants to get help for his addiction. He has 3 young boys who need him. Thank you!
  • Patience

    Lord God Almighty. I come in Your presents with a request. That I will learn how to have Your patience. To overcome the foolishness and disobedience I find my self doing and feeling that I let You down. Forgive me for my sin and I repent from my sin. Thank You for everything You do and doing and are going to do. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • I need help

    I have two people in my life who are causing me a lot of strife. One is a business professional who is trying to crook me and the other is lying about me. I am having a nervous breakdown over this and need the victory. My injuries can't put up with any more stress. I also need surgery and being ripped off is taking the money I need to pay for it. I am so overwhelmed and find myself crying all the time and it's hard to get out of bed. I need help from God!
  • Prayer for healing

    Please pray for the healing of Tina's life and body, pray the Lord guides her and and she draws near to him.
  • Daughter & sons

    Prayer for Jesus to woo them away from wordly ideas & see the media, false religions for what they are and desire Jesus again in their lives! Dad to be stirred in his spirit to reach out to them more often, I can see they miss him
  • Husband

    Prayer for him to get Holy Spirit motivation to continue reaching out to our young adult children with encouragement, visits, texts, overall endurance as he gets discouraged easily and tends to withdraw from trying. He needs Jesus to speak to Him...
  • Son's job

    Praise God he has a job in an area he is good at! He recently married and is interested in pursuing finishing his AA. Needs to talk to someone in the field he is interested in...needs extra encouragement
  • Daughter & Dad

    Please pray hard that one of them (Dad) will sense desire from Jesus to call & talk about a viewpoint over meds (or not) for autistic grandson. Desire needed for him to be willing to talk when daughter is upset..he tends to wait too long and it gets her offended
  • Husband: Lover of Money & God is Destroying All of Us Physically

    Husbands love of money and what it buys thinks makes him somebody for him & everyone else...is tearing him back and forth with following God and this world...he puts money, things, this world above me, my health & our marriage. He can't decide if he is for me & our marriage or against. He is so confused and angry - Satan is fighting for his destruction to destroy him, me, our daughter, our family, our marriage and all of our physical health. He loves me & hates me. Wants me healthy but then recklessly or intentionally seeks to destroy my health. He is wonderful to me but then my worst enemy seeking to destroy me, which he has been successful in causing me to hang on by a thread. Please help me cast Satan out of my husband & stir up an unstoppable desire, yearning & thirst for Jesus, who is for me not against me. It has to be miserable for him too.