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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • son's heart

    My 15 year old son went to basketball practice last night and we ended up rushing him to ER for what they thought was a panic or asthma attack. It was very scary. After doing an EKG, they discovered that part of his heart is enlarged. PLEASE PRAY THAT MY SON WILL BE OKAY! I'm so thankful they found this and ask for prayer for healing and doctors' wisdom. We are waiting for his referral to a heart specialist.
  • Surgery

    Pray for Lorenzo as he prepares for another back/spine surgery this coming Thursday. He has had multiple surgeries related to his back. Pray that the surgeon's hand healing and accomplishes what it needs to, so that Lorenzo can heal.
  • surgery on Thursday

    Lorenzo is having surgery on Thursday. It's a long surgery and he is nervous about it.
  • Husband work

    Kamme emailed that her husband is out of work. Please pray that he will find something soon.
  • Jon issue

    My words got twisted on purpose, I do have the email to back myself up, however I feel as if that is not fully trusting God. Please pray God gets in the middle of this work situation, that I stay still, stay holy for he is holy, he can even cause my enemies to be at peace with me.
    Proverbs 16:7, please pray for me as today I am to meet with my boss, and she runs of emotions not wisdom from what I have seen
  • Husband protection

    He is near LA, God to put out the fires
  • Son's marriage & job

    Wisdom & guidance for him, he is working as a graphic artist and needs health insurance, Lord to supernaturally open wholesome job opportunity for him that will be more rewarding and stable, desire to return to Jesu
  • Daughter

    Prayer for her heart to be softened for Jesus's love to woo her back to Him, chance to talk with her soon
  • Rest & peace & safety

    Rest for me tonight, Jesus's peace to continue to strengthen me emotionally, He knows my heart
  • Deliverance!

    Lord God of our fathers, Delivery me from the dark cloud hovering over my life to live a life You created me for. I don't even live a proper life. I am not a productive member of society! Help me through this. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.