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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Health

    Please pray for me that I do not have breast cancer. I have been having some symptoms and the doctor wants me to wait and see how they progress. My fears are heightened because my mom has breast cancer and is currently in treatment. Please spare me the pain and suffering of this disease. I have two children that really need me and my family needs me to stay strong to support both my parents as they find strength in the Lord to fight her cancer.
    Thank you and God Bless you!
  • Broken heart

    I'm not married, but just found out that the man I deeply love is in love with another woman. I know this is for the best, but I hurt so much!!! I need prayer to get back to Jesus
  • Sister out of prison, hard to find job

    My sister is out of prison & she has a seven year old.. She really wants to have a job, but is being turned down. Please pray for her to trust God completely and to realize that she is worthy no matter what she's done. Please pray that she will fulfill the purpose God has for her life & that in His perfect timing she will have a job. Thank you.
  • Friends' troubled marriage

    I would like for prayers to be lifted up for my friend, Dennis who is in a struggling marriage. He's a believer, she is not and both are very unhappy. I would like to see his faith in Christ be re-kindeled and hopefully bring her to Christ as well. And please also pray for me that I will set a good example of my faith and Love for The Lord as I take the given opportunities to talk to him. God Bless, Deana of Deer Park, WA.
  • Hope, strength for family

    Lots going on all at once - a very recent death in the family and now 3 other close family members facing cancer treatment and one not expected to live for more than a week or two. Our entire extended family just needs God's presence in every way right now. I don't even know what to ask for. Just help, however God choses to give it.
  • abused children

    The other day I saw an awful video of a child being abused and it was so heart breaking that I just could not stop crying I went to the church and prayed for all the children that are living this kind of life and that they soon the will be blessed with the hands of the lord and comfort them, so I ask that everyone PLEASE pray for this beautiful children. THANK YOU!
  • Heath!

    Please pray for my friend! She has Staff on her leg, and I really hurts her! Please pray that the pain will leave and she will find peace!


  • NO Hope - where is he?!

    I just received another NO for a job that I had interviewed for and thought I was perfect for it. I have been looking for a new job for two years. Please, Please, pray fro me - I ams o confused and worried that the Lord has forgotten me. Please, Please pray for me and his favor upon me for my jbo hunting! Confused and depressed is where I am at.
  • I need You Lord!

    I need the Lord to be sooo close to me now and every minute. I'm going through such a lonely time in my life and I know The Lord wants to fill that place and He does. I can't wait to be in prayer and His Word, but I still long for a husband to share my life with. I want earthly love and I want to share my love with someone as well. If God doesn't have this in His plan for me, then God please provide this desire in my heart to change.
    Thank you so much for your prayers. I truly appreciate it!!!!
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers, that My Father God help me financially, with my bills, and to fix my work truck that blew the motor.. Thank you very much for your prayers..