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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Dog

    One of my dogs may have eaten a wire bread twisty tie. Please pray that if one of them did, that it will pass without a problem. I love these guys so much and are my reason for rising every day. I am poor and do not have money right now.
  • marriage healing

    I am asking for prayer for my marriage that it will be restored. About 2 years ago my now ex-wife left and filed for divorce. Now over the past few months she has been talking about reconciling. I am all for that mainly because I believe that when we took our vows it was till death. I am asking for prayer for both of us that we will be able to put the past behind us and restore what God joined together, with Gods help and healing hand.
  • World Peace

    Hello.. I am sure you are all following the news on what is going on in the world, and praying.. I just wanted to take this time around the holidays to say a prayer for world peace.. The world needs Jesus more then ever right now.. With the wars and uncertainty in the world right now, I know I am troubled.. And it is easy to say in our hearts that Jesus needs to come back.. But I don't think anybody wants to go through the great tribulation that leads up to it.. So, I will continually be praying for our governments, and the people of the world who are suffering and dying.. God bless all
  • Prayers for my mother, father and sister

    Please join me in praying for my 82 year old Mother's recovery, she just had hip surgery and suffered a dibilitating stroke. The Dr.'s are not sure the extent of the damage, I am praying for her speedy recovery. My Dad is 93 and not coping well, he doesn't understand what has happened and having a difficult time processing. My poor sister has taken the guilt burden on herself thinking she should have known to prevent the surgery, that she could have asked different questions or just told Mom NO. Truthfully, my mom wanted, was counting down the days, I am certain would have resented being told NO by anyone, she wanted the surgery so she could feel better. My family needs your prayers for healing, strength, and peace. Thank you
  • Thank you for your donations to the food banks

    My spouse and I are on a very limited income. We cannot buy anyone gifts this year. Thankfully, we have family that understand this. For the first time ever, we have needed the assistance from our local food bank. We are senior citizens that know we have a lot to be thankful for. We may not have material things, but we have each other and love from our family and friends. We have a roof over our heads, food in our pantry. We know there have been a lot of food drives recently for 2nd Harvest which provides food to the many food banks in our area. Thank you for your donations. They are truly appreciated. May God bless you.
  • Losing hope and faith......

    Please I need so much prayer, my life has always been a struggle, but these last 2 years has truly been the worst especially these last 4 months, I am NOT seeing why the Lord has let this happen to me and my two children it is devastating to have to have this burden upon us I am not as strong as the Lord thinks I am I can't handle much more TRULY! Slowly losing my faith, trust and all of the hope that I once had.
  • Please pray for us

    We are receiving one sucker punch after another, please pray for our family--that we may keep our home and get out of financial ruin. Please pray for my husband's business to recover. Thank you so much.
  • Salvation for daughter fiance

    Martin to understand the gospel & want the Lord in his life now & for Shannon to desire a commitment to Christ too
  • Sickness and CNA classes

    My cousin has been Having this recurring sickness she can not seem to shake and is trying to get cna classes in a place taking only 8 students Please join me in prayer for healing and Gods will on both prayers thank you.
  • anxiety about performing

    My friend Doris is going to perform in a Christmas even at our church. She is having a lot of anxiety about it. I pray that God would be with her. That she would not be afraid. And that she does well.. And I thank everybody who prays the same. God bless