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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Marriage

    In serious need of prayers for my marriage.
  • health

    Just had some bloodwork done and I pray that the outcome is something I can work with to continue taking care of my family! I trust God, he is in charge of my life, thank you for praying for me!!
  • Love forgiveness peace

    I need my blessings I need to hear God's voice to more to a place of our own a better job prayers for my girls we have be through so much DV abuse and struggle after struggle we have no family we need help peace and joy and blessings from God to come our way
  • My Best friend Is Really Sick

    Please pray for my best friend who is 15 and has Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. He is really sick and they don't know what's wrong. Also pray for his brother who is worried about him.
  • Tumor in my tummy

    Plz pray that the doctors can take the tumor in my tummy out and it's not to late. Also I'm only 25 years old with all this going on and pray I can get my strength back and not get so tried with the little things.
  • health

    I need prayers for whatever is going on with me, I am going to have my blood drawn and am hoping for nothing serious, not feeling well and worried that it's serious. I'm a busy mom with a full heart to give and I pray that I am not sick.

    I want nothing more than to have The Lords perfect will for Me, my family, and Josh to be had. For doors to open and doors to close according to His will. When the doors open there will be a peace. When they close I will thank Him. And in both cases I will praise Him.
  • Chemo & Radiation Treatment Is Making My Sister In Law Martha Sick

    I need prayer for my sister in law Martha who is taking chemo and radiation for her colon cancer. She is not finished with this round and she has been getting really sick with cramps. Her doctors say that it's imperative that she EAT but she doesn't have an appetite. I am worried about her. I am disabled and she helps me do a lot of things around the house that I can't. Also, I am recuperating myself. Two weeks ago I had to have a toe amputated. PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!!!! Thank you and God Bless You ALL!!!! *Ron*
  • Relationship

    Please pray with me. Need the Lord's guidance in relationship decision. Thanking Him for breaking chains!
  • Please pray for a very sick infant

    My friend's youngest son, Ethan, has been diagnosed with RSV, a respiratory virus, and is having a hard time breathing. He has been struggling for several days and has recently taken a turn for the worse. Please pray for healing and peace for the entire family.