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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Pray for peace that passes understanding

    First off, I want to doubly pray for the person just below me as I deal with a lot of the same fear issues that he deals with, as I have mental health issues too, but I think I know why I am dealing with so much fear. I just ask for both of us to have that peace that surpasses understanding as it talks about in Phillipians. Please God help!
  • mental illness

    I would like prayer for an extreme form of mental illness. I have been dealing with if for 20 years. Mostly it is not anger, it is fear. Although, when pushed hard, my temper is pretty severe. When I accepted Christ, I became this way. That is the truth. And God forgive me. I thought when you accepted Christ, that he gave you a sound mind. But not in my case. I don't even understand it. I been praying all these years for deliverance. I think one of the things God is trying to teach me. He can't be who I am. I have to learn to walk in my shoes. I am tired of all the pain though. And loneliness, and I would never do it, but I have a lot of suicidal thoughts. And I ask for things that can't be. Fantasize about them. That I wish I was never born. I am in physical and emotional pain all the time. Please pray for deliverance. Thank you
  • healing

    My brother in law, Ed Clark, had a stroke a few months back, and he is not bouncing back very quick. He can barely walk. In fact he can't walk without a walker. So I would appreciate any prayers for him. That he would get stronger and not have any more strokes. My sister really needs him. He is the only one in their family that can drive. And they live far from town. Thank you
  • Skull deterioration

    Our 19 year old granddaughter has discovered several spots on her head where the cranial bone has deteriorated and left soft spots. She is a real trouper and knows that God will take care of her, but is having issues trying to find doctors and neurologists in our area to help her. She will need radiation therapy to kill the hemangioma vessels that are expanding and destroying the bone and then osteoporosis treatment to heal the bone. Please be in prayer for her complete healing, as well as guidance in finding the right doctors. Thanks and God bless!
  • job

    Praise God ! I think I found a job.. And thank all of you for your prayer support.. Now my only prayer would be, that I would stop having anxiety, ocd, and irrational fear.. It is like a mountain on my shoulders.. But I know with God, all things are possible.. Wishing everybody a merry Christmas and happy New Year.. Take care
  • Husband has cancer

    Please pray for Terri and her husband. He has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Discernment on the job

    Have been with my organization for 3 years. Would relish a future with them, issue is time is not on my side. As I approach this new year I will need discernment as to where I belong. Gods plan be done, prayers as to follow it perfectly.
  • Jim brain surgery successful!

    Thank you all for praying! He has amazed the doctor and his medical team already! He had a huge tumor removed from his brain this morning (2nd surgery) and he is ready eating, talking, walking, joking, and is upbeat! A huge answer to prayer!!
  • Friend brain surgery 7:30am

    Urgent prayer needed for Jim this morning, has stage 4 brain cancer & was in remission & doing remarkable, needs Jesus healing touch & tremendous wisdom.for the medical team today. Thank you for praying!!
  • Job Negotiation

    Hey, can you guys please be praying for me. I had an offer for a job with the post office. Recently, they contacted me about another possible job opportunity but I have not been able to keep in contact with them. Can you guys please be praying about this for me, for the position I applied for to be open. I really am grateful for you guys support.