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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Need God's guidance/need to be more responsible and hard-working

    I need Gods help in a lot of areas. I have messed my life up bad and need God's help to put the peaces back together.
  • I forgive Me

    I know I am not perfect. God has forgiven me for my failures. I ask for the ability to due the same, And accept it with peace.
  • The Red Robin

    I'm new to the work force. I didn't know everybody was so broken. Everybody drinks, smokes weed and gosh who knows what else. I feel so different from all these other people. I pray that God shines light in their lives. It pains me to see people so hurt and broken. Even though my best friend has banished me from ever seeing her again I do pray that God will love her as I could not. I work at a Red Robin. The people are great! But I wish they could see. God loves them so much. God please love these new coworkers of mine. They're so different from me. No wonder why I wish to be a teacher so bad...It'd be so much easier to impact these kids when they are truly starting their lives...
  • Healing

    Please keep my friend Lori and my mom Renee in your prayers. Lori has been going through radiation and chemo. And my mom has strep in her blood and her rheumatoid arthritis has been fighting against herself. Prayers for healing and for God to preform miracles.
  • urgent prayer request - new leadership job

    Please pray that I get a job asap that is better in pay and position than my last leadership job which is either remote or near our home inthis desperate times in Jesus mighty name.
  • Marriage Reconciliation

    I am asking for prayer for my family. My wife and I recently separated and have two young boys. She decided to move out and leave to be on her own because she was unhappy and fell out of love with me. I am not sure where her faith is right now. I know that I failed her in many ways by not putting God first. As I try to reconnect with her the further she distants herself. I ask for a breakthrough and the walls of separation to be knocked down. I do not want to give up hope. Please pray for healing of our hearts, and that Jesus can fully restore and redeem all that was lost. I also want the best for our children. Thank you for your prayers.
  • need prayer for my Adhd and learning problems

    First, Lord, please help James on this prayer request below, he seems hurting really bad and he feels so hurt, please help him find a job he likes, help him with his confidence. I would like prayer for my adult adhd, it affects me in many ways, thank you for this prayer forum.
  • work

    I am just really down about not being able to find a job.. I have had to pawn things I own.. And I am running out of options.. I am running out of food.. Or have run out of food.. I feel like I am cursed.. I have prayed and done everything I know to do.. To the point of signing up for jobs that I don't want.. I feel like God is against me.. I need a job, and hopefully a job I will like.. take care
  • A boyfriend

    Prayers that God blesses me with a wonderful and godly man to be my boyfriend. I have never had a boyfriend before and would really love one.
  • Gods Help

    Dear Christians, please pray that our Lord will take my heart and guide me and restore to me all that Satan has taken from me. Thank you for your prayers...