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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • work

    I have been searching for a job for months now.. I finally have an interview.. Please pray that the interview would go well.. That I would be hired.. That I would not be nervous.. Know what to say, cause when I get nervous I am overly honest.. And sometimes too honest.. I really need this job.. it is an answered prayer.. Thank you
  • Family

    Please pray for S & S to have guidance about how to help some family members. Mother had movers drive off with 90% of her possessions and files with her tax info, etc. Police think she might have been robbed. Prayer they can locate them, as # was wrong one. Grandson's special needs

  • debt

    God please help me with the crippling debt I am facing. I need to find a job as soon as possible. Thank you
  • Fighting Throat Cancer and Tumor

    Hello Everyone ,,,, I started this battle with throat cancer July 5th. They have been doing Radiation treatments everyday this week and today they will do Cemo and Radiation both today. The doctors are concerned about me being able to eat because of my throat. The past 2 days have been very painful and they say its only going to get worse. I need God's help with this and your prayers. God's God and I am not . We know he has the power to heal but is it his will ? Help Me Lord ,,,,Help Me. Trust in the Lord with all you heart ,,do not depend on your own understanding and he will direct your paths. I AM TRYING.

    Thank You ,,,
  • financial

    Please pray for me to receive My Father God's help to remodel this house that He has blessed me with, and to fix the electrical so that I can have hot water.. Thank You Very Much for your prayers..!!
  • Need Guidance

    My boyfriend has had some severe medical issues in the past 5 plus years. I have stood by him and assumed the roll of caretaker. I have been there through everything and given up a lot to do this as his family doesn't. I do this because I truly felt that God has asked me and lead me to do this; it is my "assignment." I find myself struggling with how hard it is. I am the only one working, I support him, and take care of the house and him. He has become ungrateful and acts like this is more of an expectation. He has also become verbally and emotionally abusive. I struggle with following in faith to do what I feel led to do by God and my own unhappiness. I am also resentful of the fact that I didn't ask for this, and yet I feel trapped by it because no one else helps him. I don't want to just abandon him. I need guidance and comfort.
  • need prayer

    I've been the victim of domestic violence for 9 years. twice he went to jail & begged that he would change. I left for 5 months, came back to him.. he started going to church this past year & got baptized. Slowly he started getting controlling again, checking the odometer, timing me when I left work to get home. Recently, after an argument, he accused me of pushing him & hitting him. Police arrested me because he's such an upstanding citizen & I was just the hysterical wife. 2 days in jail & I felt hopeless, defeated, alone, scared & thought i had lost everything & I attempted suicide & almost succeeded. After speaking to a therapist, I realized that I have much to live for. I meet with the public defender today. I don't know what's going to happen to me. Please pray for me.
  • 4 yr old

    Please pray for 4 yr old Audrey, who has to have 3 dental procedure visits. So she is not scared and does well at it. Thank you!
  • 4 yr old

  • Family

    My family just had a big physical fight , many threats high emotions. Several members are drug users and emotional. Very disheartening I need prayer support.