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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • divorce separation child custody protection over kids

    I was married to my ex husband, who is not a believer for 5 years, he filed for divorce 7 years ago. Since then we have gotten back together twice, both times he used me for money. I've been a victim of domestic violence the whole time I was with him. we have 3 children together, he would cuss and have anger outbursts in front of the children. we have shared custody, but he works full time so he just leaves the kids with his mom, whose been on his side through all this. the last time we got back together I paid off his property and put in a lot of money into his place and he never put my name on the title, so now he owes me a lot of money too. Every time he has any contact with me it's always a fight, he threatens, manipulates, harasses me. I don't know what to do, my children don't deserve to live with that kind of dad but I know I have no control over it.
  • life

    I am having a really hard time finding faith anymore.. When I accepted Christ, I thought that would make my life easier.. Then soon after was diagnosed with schizophrenia and anxiety disorder.. Lost my job, had to live with my dad.. Who was elderly, eventually lost his mind, and died.. I did not let that bring me down.. Eventually found something for myself in this life.. And hoped things would get easier.. Moved from one dead end job to another.. My life has never been easy.. But here lately I just think to myself that God is against me.. I have been searching for a job for over 3 months.. and have had only 1 interview, and one call.. The last job I quit I was taking way too many meds.. Cause it was too hard on my anxiety.. I pray to God that I would find a job soon.. Cause I can't take this not knowing how I am going to pay my bills, or get food..
  • Clarity from God if I should go to my nephew's wedding

    I need clarity from God if I should go to my nephews wedding that is in Northern Colorado...I know God is good to us (well, I am leaning more and more on this and that he loves us), we just need to have faith. I honestly need clarity and even a sign from God as I honestly really really can't afford this and would have to put
    this on a credit card, which in all honesty would be irresponsible in my case, I pray God shows me how I could possibly pay for this and if I should do this...thanks
  • My Family

    Please keep my family in your prayers. We have had a very hard year since I had my surgery. I haven’t been able to work. My fiancé is the only one providing for us. And lately it has been very hard please keep my shoulder in your prayers. So I’m able to go back to work and help provide. Lord you know our struggles and I stand by my faith that things will get better soon. We have two of our children going to start school next week. Please keep us five in your prayers. Thank you in advance
  • Toxic Relationship

    I have a close relationship in my life that I feel that God has guided me to be of use in. I believe that God is using me to help this person as there really is no one else that is willing or has offered support. This friend suffers from multiple health issues and has become very depressed and verbally and emotionally abusive due to the depression from feeling overwhelmed and worthless. The more I have prayed the more I feel God advising me to wait and offer grace. However, I have come to a crossroads where I can no longer stand the way this relationship makes my own life miserable. It is an extremely unhealthy situation for me. I keep praying and hope that God releases me from this situation. I would like, if God does release me, that the separation from this friend that it will be as amicable as possible as I don't have the energy for fighting etc.
  • Work

    Please pray for my job. I have a physical disability and work is trying play games. They are trying to get rid of me.
  • work

    Still searching for a job.. Please pray I find the right one at the right time.. As soon as possible.. Thank you
  • A safe school year.

    Please pray for all children this school year. Pray that they stay safe. That we have at least one school year where they come home safe and sound. God Speed.
  • Need to pray for my friend who is going through a divorce, and for my emotional al pain

    I have friend who is going through a divorce, I pray that God reconciles them and God reaches their hearts to stop the divorce before the papers are signed...I also need prayer that I somehow get over the pain and memories of a girl that I guess I was putting on a pedastal... I am still so upset that she isn't interested in me anymore and I need to get over it and move on...God is helping me, but I still feel hurt....I feel like such an idiot.
  • Friend's of Mine

    I have two friends, well maybe two people that I graduated with that I never really talked to and now that we're in the real world and God has been very close to me, I want to love them and this is how I am going to do it. God I pray that you bless these two friends of mine, even if they don't consider me them an acquaintance all together. I will see them in college and I pray that our paths will cross again and I know there will be days that this life will bring them pain, but if I can show them that Jesus is the love they've been looking for then every knee will bow. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.