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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family

    Travel mercies, healing from asthma for my husband & upcoming holiday plans, openness for adult children to attend church at least during Christmas
  • Family

    Prayer for my family, lord be with my daughter so that she may return back to you and be her mother to her children.nothing is to hard for you she's addicted to drugs sex and the life and company of evil set her on the right track lord be with her holy spirit convict her heart so that she may have no way out but you Jesus help her in Jesus name amen
  • Anxiety

    My daughter is off a college for the first time this fall. She started feeling anxious about a month into the term, I prayed for daily thinking it was just the first time away from home jitters. As time went on, she started feeling worse, she called home a couple of weeks ago and said she wanted to die! I’m getting very concerned with her. In the past she made friends very easily and adapted well to her environment, we moved before and it’s not foreign to her. She says her mind is racing and she can’t think, she feels she is not making sense of things. Her grades are good! She studies a lot. She is now thinking about dropping out of her program and returning home. Please pray for her mental health, I’m not understanding this? Thank you.
  • Need Gods peace

    I need Gods peace, I am not mentally well and I think my lack of coping skills makes it hard for me to think through problems maybe like most people do. I just go down a spiral when I think about my problems....can't seem to get past some stuff....Need God to really help me....need his mercy.
  • Shifting to the U.K.

    I got admitted to a university in the UK. I have applied for my U.K.visa.& it was by far the most stressful I have ever felt.
    I felt that going to the U.K. was my calling and beyond studies I felt that it was a way to grow stronger in my faith towards the Father. Though I’ve always been scared of change.
    It’s been 7 days that I applied for the visa & The time it’s taking worries me. They say it takes a week. N Uni starts in Jan & I’m not yet prepared for my travel or stay.It’s almost silly when so many ppl have bigger problems and life threatening situations,but i would be forever grateful if you could pray that I get my visa as soon as possible. Everyone’s sacrificing for me. I’ve even paid off of my tuition deposit. I have invested too much to back out.in Jesus name, that the lord shows mercy n gives me the strength during this wait. Amen
  • Constant financial

    I just go over an expensive surgery after a stressful move that also cost me and now my car is dying. That is car is vital to my existence. The cost of living got so high where I lived I had to move out to the boonies to afford rent. I need that car to go to doctors' appointments which is quite a drive. I feel so upset. I take care of one problem and 10 more pop up. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. I can't even cry anymore.
  • Healthy baby (nervous mom)

    Please pray for God to be blessing our unborn baby. I go in on the 5th of December to see if our baby is growing. I have had 3 miscarriages within the last year and a half. I am hoping for yet another miracle of "baby is doing great" but am very nervous and scared of what could be. Please pray for my little one and also myself that God will give both of us strength and hope.
    Thank you God Bless
  • Urgent Prayer request - new job, balloon decor biz, call center business funding

    Please pray that I will have a new leadership level job asap either homebased or near our home; that my wife will have a lot of legitimate customers asap for her balloon decor business to pay for rental, utilities; that my financier prospect will immediately and finally decide to fund my call center business project; These we lift up in prayer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth's mighty name Amen.
  • Pray for parents to forgive each other and resolve conflict.

    Please pray for my parents to have serving hearts towards one another and be able to forgive each other. Also that they may not be bitter towards one another. Please lord bring them back together and make them stronger than ever.
  • God Save Eric

    Please pray for Eric. Please pray for his salvation.
    Eric needs Jesus. Pray that Eric will come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.
    Pray Eric will come to know God’s love and the joy of salvation.