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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My daughter

    We will be going to the children’s hospital in Seattle for more testing on her seizures. I just got released back to work from a tore shoulder. I have no income right now I’m stressed out to the max! I have 3 children that depend on me! I’m trying to get back to work but with my sick child it makes it hard. Please pray that everything will turn out just fine!
  • Deliverance from Caffeine

    Could you pray for me for complete deliverance from a caffeine addiction for the last 15 years? I’m a chain coffee drinker, and I’ve tried hard a number of times to quit. Coffee clouds my thinking, makes it hard to filter out distractions, and it seems to drain me. I think my adrenal glands are chronically depleted, and I feel it. Please pray for complete healing of my body, mind, and adrenals, from the effects of this addiction. I know many people deal with much more serious addictions. I also have a much more serious addiction that I deal with, but I need the Lord to deliver me from this caffeine addiction, so I can build the faith and confidence to deal with the other skeleton in my closet. Please pray for total deliverance and freedom from caffeine. Thanks.
  • Visa

    I had applied for a U.K. student visa for one year.
    It’s was a long and huge process starting firm getting my admission ready to getting the documents and paying the tuition deposits and what not. Frankly “,though most ppl don’t know or realize, I am a big time coward I have suffered from anxiety and depression in the past. I tried everything but it took a little faith in God for me to overcome it.it stop resurfaces sometimes but I have come to terms with it.
    Tomorrow I must go and collect the passport and the decision letter which will state whether I got the visa approved or not. I am scared out of my skin. I might even zone out into an anxiety attack while holding my documents. I know it sounds like a silly issue but it would be great if you could pray for me to be strong and trust god in his plan.
  • Family stuff

    I need prayer for strength to live out my faith & also be strong emotionally, as my job as a preschool assistant & husband's stress from work, helping our autistic grandson the last 5 years and other on-going extended family stuff has taken its toll on me emotionally. My husband & I have struggled with different ideas on how much to be involved to the point that our relationship is stretched thin
  • Family

    Please pray for me today, family stuff, my emotions to be stable in Jesus, as my trying to.communicate seems to not help me in some relationships
  • Family

    Please pray for me today, family stuff. My name is S
  • addiction

    Could somebody please say a prayer for my nephew Jeffrey ? He is generally nice, but he is an alcoholic. and he gets quite opinionated when he is drunk, and violent. And I fear for some of my family that has to deal with him. I have had to deal with him too. You can't be around him when he is drunk. Thank you
  • Lost Family member

    Please pray for my daughter's cousin. She went missing just before Thanksgiving. She struggles with mental issues and has been homeless and in jail on and off for several years. Her family is desperately looking for her and praying for her safe return so that they can get her the help she needs.
  • Prayer for my son

    My son is being falsely accused of a horrific crime that absolutely did not occur. This allegation is coming from pure jealousy and hate and could potentially ruin my child's life for a long time. Please pray for the lost soul who has brought the false charges against him and pray that the lies will come to light. Pray that all who are involved in the investigation go in with eyes wide open and the truth will surface before my son is charged with a crime he did not commi.t

    Thank you for all your prayer,
  • Friends son who is suicidal

    Please pray for Sam - that he will heal, that doctors will find a solution to help him, and for his parents and siblings.
    Thank you