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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Thank You For All Your Prayers

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your prayers. Went to the doctor on Tuesday ,, he told me my one Kidney is doing great , My liver has rebuilt it self from all the years of drinking , been clean from drugs and alcohol for over 16 yrs. My blood pressure is down. All of this is God's Blessings. But I keep asking God to give me a young lady I can share my life with. I am done being single. I am also very tired of my job , the put downs , the slams , the insults . I don't know what God has in store for me ,, but I just want to be happy. I know there is more people out in this world that have a lot worse problems then I do and I pray God helps them in some way. Be with us Lord and Help us Lord.

    A Men
  • addiction

    Please pray for me and others trapped in this terrible disease..always thought I would be the last person to fall for Satans scemes but no I need the shelter of the Lord and your prayers for God to change my heart, soul, and mind..Thankyou.
  • Son wisdom & strength

    Pls pray our 24 year old son will have spiritual strength & desire to break off online relationship with gal heat online from another country (she is from church that doesn't believe in Trinity) & be patient for a strong Christian gal to come across his path soon
  • Daughter strength & wisdom

    Pls pray Shannon will be re-united with Christian friends & will desire to attend church again & follow Jesus for her sake & son's sake
  • Son to desire church

    Pls pray Jared will want to go to church again & that Josh will invite him again to his church College group & both will be determined to go regularly
  • Knee Surgery

    I need to have L knee surgery and chose a scope over a partial knee replacement (2 docs differed over opinion). I pray that I chose right and that my knee will hold up... Next, my insurance company is dragging w/ giving approval and I cannot have surgery until they sign off. (Say they need more info., but the doc office claims to have already provided it.) I am also feeling pressured by my employer w/ regard to time off and whether I will be fit to work afterward. Feel very burdened. Please pray. Thank you very much - so appreciate.
  • Sons & Christian friends

    Pls pray the Lord will plant desire in our son's lives to follow the Lord's will for them & that Christian friends will come across their path (they have some but they live far away)
  • Wedding or break up

    Pls pray our daughter will desire to live apart from her fiancee until they marry & that she will want to stay with us or a Christian family. They have a 2 year old son & are engaged with no plans to marry yet
  • Conversation about the Lord

    Pls pray my husband & I can have a conversation about the Lord with our daughter & her fiancé the next time we see them. We know the Lord needs to prepare their hearts to desire His Word
  • Pain in leg

    Please pray for pain relief in my R leg. I wear a prosthesis and have phantom pains that are occurring now for the past hour. They usually go away after an hour or so. Thank you for also praying for barbara!