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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Friend in need of prayers for Destructive relationship

    My friend's trials & depression are getting worse. His wife is still not offering emotional or spiritual support. Their relationship has gotten progressively worse since they married a few years ago. Both individuals have been married before, but She does not offer any support for problems that involve His previous family members. He is feeling really alone & lost-- and is drinking as a result again. Please pray to God that He lead my friend to a relationship with HIM-- and show him how to leave the destructive & negative situation he is in. He is struggling so much emotionally right now. :(
  • Pray for Justine and Kirk

    Please pray for Justine, my neighbor and friend, who is dealing with metastatic cancer and chemo round #3. She loves the Lord and she asks that He sends His "warriors" to fight the cancer. Her husband does not know the Lord and will be lost without her and he really needs God in his life. She is a sweet and loving and positive influence on everyone she meets, both are in their 60s. He is a diabetic and has dealt with drug addiction. He quit only for her but is not clean or sober. He is lost without the Lord.
  • Pray for a friend and myself

    A dear friend of mine just found out she has breast cancer. Please, pray that she may receiving a healing touch. I too need prayers, as I have back problems and no one seems to know why. Thank you.
  • Morgan & Family

    Our Morgan (15, Freshmen in high school) is struggling with severe depression, anxiety and anger. This is affecting her grades and every aspect of her life. Her anger is directed toward her father who has chosen another way of life, leaving her and her sister feeling rejected and worthless. Please pray for God's restoration. That she would be that funny, outgoing, loving young lady we use to know. Pray for her mom as she needs wisdom, patience and God's direction in how best to minister to Morgan during this painful journey to restoration.
  • Prayers for very dear friend in an emotionally & spiritually toxic relationship

    My friend has been in a relationship for 10yrs now- the woman he is with helped him after a traumatic divorce that caused him to start drinking & become suicidal. Their relationship has crumbled since they married a couple years ago. He's been going thru several trials lately, involving his family members- not Hers- so she hasn't offered any emotional support... leaving him to struggle ALONE. He's become more & more depressed in the last months & started drinking again. He's reached out to me for help & prayers- since he's not getting support at home. I'm asking for prayers that God open his eyes to the kind of negative environment he is living in- and that he may not be meant to be with this person any more. Also, that if he is NOT meant to be with her, God will show him how to remove himself from this situation and take away any feelings of guilt or obligation he has.
  • Guidance/ Lost

    I need prayer I am doing everything right in school and get bad grades, I am just feeling lost whatever I do I am not doing it good enough. When I just want to go home and sit with my dogs there is never time. I just feel like I am being pulled down and I cant get up. Just want peace and help getting back up.
  • Prayers for Dad

    Please pray for my step-dad, he is currently in the hospital for what we though would be a minor foot surgery on Saturday. He has had some set backs, infection and high blood sugar, which has him discouraged. Prayers for healing and strengthening so he can come home soon.
  • rain

    Please, lets pray for some drier weather and some wind to speed along the drying process!There is so much standing water around our house and worse in houses around our neighborhood. Water is nice but this is getting to be too much.
  • Daughter wedding

    Please pray that our daughter makes wise decisions regarding her wedding..her and fiance have almost no money to work with and are getting married since they have a son together, who is almost one year old. She is a backslidden Christian and he is not a believer and mostly agrees with an Eastern religion. He is unwilling to have cake & punch at our church, since we don't allow alcohol there...now it will end up being at his Catholic church.
  • Prayer for God's will

    Please pray the Lord's will be done regarding a few family situations. Daughter & fiance' salvation, our move to a new house, son needs a job, etc.