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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Pray for husband

    I am asking you to pray for my husband that he would have the desire to seek God first and that we would grow spiritually connected together.
  • My cousin's family

    My sweet cousin's daughter is pregnant with a little girl that isn't growing. She is developing but not growing and now she just found out her 11 year old son has been diagnosed with Hodgkins desease. They are devistated. You all are so amazing and I believe in the power of prayer. Please lift this family up and pray that they not only will have a healthy daughter but their son will win this battle in God's infamous way! I claim this healing and miracle for this family!

    Thank you so much, and btw, my nephew is healing very well! Thank you for lifting him up as well!
  • Husband Needs A Special Touch from God

    My husband needs a special touch from God. He is getting ready to sign the final divorce papers, but has asked God for a miracle. He just isn't seeing it. I let him know that every day is a miracle and a chance to turn away from this mess of a divorce. Only God knows what he really needs right now...so just asking for some extra prayers.
  • prayer

    Im asking for prayers as I need God to help me figure out what direction he wants me to go. I have a test today 11/5/14 and i ask for prayers so i pass the test for a new carrier path as i know this will help me tremendously. Please Lord almighty help me to understand and if this is the right path for me you will be right by my side as im taking the test. Amen
  • family

    I would like for you to pray for my family to keep them safe. And also keep the all the kido safe is the schools. And stop the bullying in the schools. I will to say send my condolences to the family that lost a child to suicide because of bullying.
  • Daughter & grandson

    Please pray The Lord will woo our daughter back to Him and if it is God's will and not just my own desire, that she will have the desire to come to our town to attend a Christian concert and that all the details of money, travelling, etc. will work out. Please also pray that her son's lazy eye will be healed by The Lord like He healed mine when I was 8 years old!! He also needs prayer for some possible other development delays...waiting on doctor appt.
  • Peace/guidance

    Please pray that I can sense the Lord's peace during the holidays. I miss my two adult children who live several hours away. I'm trusting The Lord to help us see them & also for our other son to get a job soon & be at peace about his decision last year to end his relationship with his Christian girlfriend he courted 3 years. He started doubting his decision lately & he is still adjusting to a lot of changes after moving with us away from his hometown and friends and familiarity. He needs a job that will allow him to study and go to church. God is so good and has answered a lot of prayers...I'm asking for these new requests to be lifted up to Him by faithful prayer warriors!
  • tired

    I feel like going to bed and not leaving. Just about everything that can go wrong does. I don't do anything without seeking God. I am just at a point where I am saying enough already, I can't anymore, over and over again but it doesn't end.
  • salvation

    my cousins need prayer.the davis family-Philip,Tanya,Olivia-age 7,and Oliver-age 5.
  • Love & kindness

    Lord knows I miss my ex wife, she wasn't my first girlfriend or even my first wife! So I can honestly say; she was everything I ever wanted. She was smart, determined, beautiful, a great mom & I loved her smile... So I just wanted to thank Heavenly Father, for ALL the other blessings, He still shares with me! Warm wishes & little angels kisses : )