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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • addiction

    Please pray for me and others trapped in this terrible disease..always thought I would be the last person to fall for Satans scemes but no I need the shelter of the Lord and your prayers for God to change my heart, soul, and mind..Thankyou.
  • Son wisdom & strength

    Pls pray our 24 year old son will have spiritual strength & desire to break off online relationship with gal heat online from another country (she is from church that doesn't believe in Trinity) & be patient for a strong Christian gal to come across his path soon
  • Daughter strength & wisdom

    Pls pray Shannon will be re-united with Christian friends & will desire to attend church again & follow Jesus for her sake & son's sake
  • Son to desire church

    Pls pray Jared will want to go to church again & that Josh will invite him again to his church College group & both will be determined to go regularly
  • Knee Surgery

    I need to have L knee surgery and chose a scope over a partial knee replacement (2 docs differed over opinion). I pray that I chose right and that my knee will hold up... Next, my insurance company is dragging w/ giving approval and I cannot have surgery until they sign off. (Say they need more info., but the doc office claims to have already provided it.) I am also feeling pressured by my employer w/ regard to time off and whether I will be fit to work afterward. Feel very burdened. Please pray. Thank you very much - so appreciate.
  • Sons & Christian friends

    Pls pray the Lord will plant desire in our son's lives to follow the Lord's will for them & that Christian friends will come across their path (they have some but they live far away)
  • Wedding or break up

    Pls pray our daughter will desire to live apart from her fiancee until they marry & that she will want to stay with us or a Christian family. They have a 2 year old son & are engaged with no plans to marry yet
  • Conversation about the Lord

    Pls pray my husband & I can have a conversation about the Lord with our daughter & her fiancé the next time we see them. We know the Lord needs to prepare their hearts to desire His Word
  • Pain in leg

    Please pray for pain relief in my R leg. I wear a prosthesis and have phantom pains that are occurring now for the past hour. They usually go away after an hour or so. Thank you for also praying for barbara!

  • Wisdom for son

    Pls pray he will not stay serious about a girl he met now that he knows her beliefs