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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Bone Graft

    My wife is getting a bone graft this morning for a dental implant and I pray she is calm and well.
  • finances

    I am a mom of four and I feel like I am constantly stressing out about money. It's always one step forward, two steps back with our budget, I try to stay positive then something happens with the car or the house that sets us back. I would appreciate any prayers in this time of economic stress that so many others like I am experiencing.
  • Jaimee

    Please pray for my niece Jaimee. She found out today that she needs a heart transplant. I pray that she will be able to receive a heart before it is too late. I know God will answer our prayers. Thank you for your support.
  • daughters needs Councel to get her Son back.

    Please pray for God to open up doors for our daughter to obtain legal counsel and appeal a temporary parenting plan that was botched by her former counsel in Spokane, Aug 28th. She has until Wednesday the 12th to come up with the retainer fee. After that she won't be able to appeal. Asking for intercessery prayer. Thank you.
  • Panic

    I am really panicking right now because I am running out of money and have bills that are due now. I need a miracle within a few days. I am afraid of what will happen and I am tired of the constant stress. Life just seems pointless; just bills and stress. Thanks