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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • interview pending

    last week I requested prayer for a new job and today I got a call from the HR department of one of the places I applied they are considering me. Please pray I am successful in the interview and they hire me. it is good hours and weekends off to spend with my family. Please pray the salary is enough for me to pay my bills. thank you
  • Addiction

    Please pray for a dear friend debilitated by addiction. He is too weak to cry out to Jesus for himself. Help me cry out to Jesus on his behalf!
  • Stuggling Spanish Class

    Please pray for my friend Aaron he is struggling spanish class.
  • Depression

    Please pray for my depression and self esteem, it is very low. Pray that the Lord shows me which direction to go for work and what I should do for a career. Please put a girl into my life, give me my hearts desires Lord for I am your servant. Thank you for healing me of health problems, thank you you for your grace and forgiveness.
  • Please pray for my family

    For my son to stay sober, and be able to find a job. For my daughter to be the wife God wants her to be. For Ricky to overcome depressions. For me and my husband to keep us strong in the Lord, and for all of us to trust the Lord and love him every day more.
  • My son

    My son is in the military. He's learning a hard lesson about honesty. He may lose his job. Please pray that he will repent whole heartedly and grasp the full grace that Good gives. Then, I ask for truth, strength, and mercy from those who will determine his fate. God's perfect will be done. Thank you!❤
  • General prayers

    Please pray that I over come my anxiety and other mental health struggles. Please pray for my brothers Jake and Cole to stay away from Drugs and alcohol and to keep working if it is God's will. Please pray for me if it is Gods will that I go on a christian winter retreat this following saturday/sunday.
  • so alone

    Struggling daily. Need new christian friends. Terribly lonely since a rough breakup 3 weeks ago. Each day is a struggle. Need peace.
  • Trying to get my children back

    My ex-husband has custody of our boys. A few years later, the addition of 4 children and starting up a company; my oldest has been telling me that daddy doesn't have time for him and he has been falling behind in school because he doesn't get help. I get to see them once a week and every other weekend, during our visit is when we work on his spelling test words since that is the only thing that I can get to help him with. When I talk to their father about the issues, I am among other things "putting words in the boys' mouths", only to be told later by my boys that they got in trouble and sent to their room for the day for telling me what is going on. My boys want to return home to me but with lawyers being so expensive I cant afford it. I pray for their happiness, for their father to be able to make time for them with his growing family duties, and for their return to my home.
  • Pray for my dad/brothers

    Please pray for my Dad and brothers-Jake and Cole...my brother Jake thinks he had internal bleeding today and went to the doctor to be checked out, jake and cole are doing a hard job working cow fence in the middle of nowhere and didn't make it through the week. They are supposed to go to work next Monday and they need God's strength to make it through the week, they need to keep their jobs as they have been jobless for a long time and have to take care of themselves. Please pray for wisdom for them and my Dad, they really need God's grace, wisdom and knowledge.