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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lose of Family Members

    Please pray for the Chaffee/ McKinney Family. Lon and Sandy's daughter passed away 6-19-2019 in Moses Lake. Teri McKinney's funeral will be at the Emmanuel Baptist Church at 516 East Nelson Rd.Monday June 24th at 3:00 pm.

    Pray also for the McLean family. Craig McLean passed away 6-5-2019. Craig's funeral will be next Saturday at the Moses Lake Baptist Church at 4334 Joann Dr. N.E. in Moses Lake.

    Pray for the Emmanuel Baptist Church pastor search team. They've been plagued by illness and death of family members.
  • Teaching Workshop-Prayers Appreciated

    I am a bit nervous but also excited about a series of workshops I’ll be teaching high school students. Thank you so much in advance for your prayers.
  • I need prayer that Iam not so covetous

    I am sad that at close to age 40 I am not married and I seem to get sadder by the day....but I need to lose weight and I need God's help to pray everyday... I put a prayer on here a couple weeks ago and it felt like things got worse...I need to be thankful for how God is working in my life and just be content and have Faith. I need prayer that I am found faithful....I pray God just helps me with my life and keeps me safe on vacation.
  • Needing the Lord's salvation

    Prayer for salvation, to be set free, delivered, to be filled with the holy spirit and the Lord's perfect love.
  • We need prayers

    We have had a really emotional week. We found out a close relative is dying who was extremely abusive and threw us away which is so painful and brings up so many wounds and so many emotions. It's been a very hard time.
  • for job

    Please pray for God’s job for me as a widowed 65 year old woman. Part time and within my limited skill set.
  • Need prayers for helping with anger/frustration

    Please pray that I can overcome my frustration that turns to anger at my job. I am supposed to do everything the way my boss wants things done even though there may be another way that works better for me. Boss is very insistent it be their way. I get frustrated and say not everyone's way works for everyone else, but boss says I am too slow. My belief is I would rather be slow and do somewhat correct than be fast and totally screw up. This issue has caused a block in our working relationship and I am worried about my job. I vowed today to just do my work and do it as fast as I can. Thank you everyone.

  • life

    facing a lot of mental, financial, and spiritual difficulties. Been going on for a long time. Would appreciate prayer. Thank you
  • Sister miracle

    Rachel to have a job or volunteer opportunity very soon & ex to honor his commitment to her regarding visitation arrangement hope for her and determination to persevere and see.the importance of being emotionally stable. Her mood swings have
    not helped her relationships improve, but have damaged them.
  • My sister needs god badly.

    I need for my 20 year old sister Melinda to be prayed for. She has rejected God and thinks the world revolves around her and she treats my family and I like we’re poison in her drink. I want a sister that wants to do things with me to come out of her. I pray that she will find god and become a better and nicer woman slowly.