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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financial strugle

    please help me pray for the financial struggle in our family, thank you all! God Bless
  • School

    Please pray as I go through exams and studying that I retain the important information to pass my exams. This is my last semester of Nursing school and I need strength, prayer, and wisdom to help get me through it. Also pray that I restore faith in myself.
  • Tired

    I have so many problems and need so many miracles. I am feeling lost. I keep praying. Thanks for the prayers.
  • Opening doors

    Please pray that our Lord Jesus continues opening doors for my small craft business, that the financial need will be met for creating a website, for advertising, business cards and for supply for my creations come my way.....may my business Facebook page be over whelmed with customers and may he continually bless me with the eyes for creating....many blessings to you......
  • depression/sucide

    my mother has a friend whose daughter is feeling low, down, and depressed, she has starting cutting herself and she has talked about suicide, i would really appreciate it if you guys could pray for her, shes lonely adn really needs the love of God right now.
  • providing ongoing coverage

    I just received a phone call from my temporary disability from my work saying that the paperwork wasn't filled out right from my doctor Please pray that the paperwork gets fixed that I'm able to have temporary disability coming in while I'm home healing, pray for healing and strength within my body so I may return to work as soon as possible, thank you!
  • Karrigan in surgery right now

    Please pray right now for little Karrigan, who is 2 1/2 yrs old, right now who is in surgery at this minute to remove a tumor from her spine. Pray for peace for the family who are in the waiting room, pray for the doctors. Thanks Everyone
  • Brain surgery today for baby Carrigan

    The two year old daughter (Carrigan) of fellow church members is having surgery today, at noon, to remove a tumor that is on her brain. From what Pastor told us this past Sunday, the tumor is wrapped around some very delicate areas, making this a very complicated surgery. Please pray for Carrigan, her family, and the surgeons for success and complete healing.

    Thank you and God Bless you.
  • Patience, Relaxing and Listening to the Lord

    Please lift me up in prayer and pray for the Lord's favor. I have put in an application at a local college. This opportunity would allow me to use my Masters, as well as, do the Lord's work. Please, lift me up - help me to understand that the Lord's timing is perfect as is his plan for me.
  • Waiting on the Lord

    God has called me to a specific purpose, yet Satan continues to attack. Pray that God will open the doors He wants me to pass through and that in the times of worry and doubt that I will continue to look to Him for my comfort and peace