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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Life

    It feels like everything that can go wrong does. I am feeling depressed and it is hard to express all that is going on. It is overwhelming and affecting my health. I pray every day. I hope this won't be how the rest of my life will be. I know it could be worse so I am grateful for that. I don't know where to turn anymore and I keep asking God for help. If you could pray for me, that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Job interview

    Finally, at least one company emailed me back for a job interview. I have lost jobs, I am worried for I am a single mom, don't have any other resource and I am running out of options . I don't know what our Father has for me but I hope that it is a job intended for me that I may serve HIM well. Please pray for me.
  • Lost a very important key

    I lost a very important key on Friday and a lot is at stake if I don't find it. Please pray that the key will be found and that everything can be solved without great loss to any party involved. This has me really stressed right now and I desperately need to find the key.

    Thank you!
  • Depression

    I have been dealing with depression for the last month or so. My financial situation and some health issues have caused me to start feeling sorry for myself. I am working on breaking free of this and could use prayer to help me.

    Please pray for an infection in my arm to heal and for a chest cold to breakup. I already have several chronic health conditions and do not want anymore health issues.

    Also, please pray for a favorable decision for my SSI/Disability case. My life has been on hold for six years ago this June and am still waiting for a favorable decision. My case is going back to District Court, but my attorney tells me that this is some time away yet. Over the years, I have struggled with doubts and thoughts of being useless. These thoughts are now resurfacing and and are causing me to doubt myself, again.

    Thank you
  • Prayer for Reconciliation

    Please pray for a gentleman who once was a pastor. While as a pastor, his wife divorced him and took their three daughters. All of his daughters are angry and do not want anything to do with their father. He has tried to reach out to them before and has only been rebuffed. This has torn him apart. He knows this has been Satan attacking him and his family because he was a pastor. Please pray for him to become reconciled with all of his daughters and for not allowing Satan to keep this family torn apart.

    Thank You
  • strength

    Reaching out! Not being afraid of repercussions. Pray for me to have peace please. Shacking in my skin. Though I breath, and ask God for help!
  • Math Final

    I have my Math final this morning from 8:30 to 11:30 am and i would like prayer for guidance on math problems and for quick strategy thinking. Thank you and God Bless you! Have a beautiful weekend.
  • Business

    My friend is trying to start a business.. And she sunk everything she had into this business.. But she didn't have quite enough money to get all the supplies she needed for the business.. She is just really upset about this.. So, please pray things would work out.. The way it is now, she is paying for a building she is not using.. And she is not rich.. Thank you so much for your prayers.. God bless
  • Husband, Chuck's, upcoming biopsy

    Dear Prayer Warriors:
    Chuck will be taken off of Plavix (blood thinner) starting Sunday and will be off of it until Thursday. On Thursday, June 26, he will undergo a CT Guided Biopsy at Harborview at 11:00 A.M. The Radiologist will take a biopsy of the soft tissue and some from the bone in the same area as the soft tumor. Please pray with me and Chuck that God would guide the doctor’s hands and that the biopsy will show that there is no malignancy. Chuck has gotten so much closer to God through this experience. I praise God for His goodness, mercy and stedfastness. We serve a glorious God. He is greater than any problem we might think we have. Praise His Holy Name.
    In Christ’s Name,
  • Pray for Pastor's health

    My Pastor, 51 years old, is in great shape. Recently lost 85 lbs for his health. Use to go to the gym everyday but is now having health problems. He needs a hip replacement, hernia repaired and a root canal. He is REALLY depressed about it (which is making him cranky to those around him). Pray for healing and patience. Pray that he let's the Lord direct his actions and words.