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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Please pray for brother/family and my emotional issues

    I would like prayer for something that I don't know how to explain but it has made me emotionally very distraught, I pray God shows me clarity about this issue. I would like prayer for my brother Jake who I have been praying for a lot but in many ways don't know how to get through to him and what to do, in many ways he is smarter than me and more talented but I know some things about health and am trying to help, he is really proud and has gotten into deep waters with his health and mind, he has liver issues and has mental health issues, I pray he seeks help for these problems and God helps him get his life back in order. I would like prayer for my Mom for her to grow spiritually and God helps her with her anger.
  • Prayers for my dear friend

    Please pray for a dear sweet girl who is very troubled over her husband's addiction. She is a woman of great faith and will do what is best for her family. No matter what path she takes, pray for her strength and wisdom, and that her faith leads her through this difficult time. Thank you. God Bless!
  • My brother has blood in a stool sample and is having a colonoscopy fri.,and I;m having detached retena surgery thurs.and for me to grow hair on the top of my head as it;s very thin and devastating being a woman.

    For me having retinal detachment surgery thurs.,for hair to grow in in the top front of my head as its very thin and is devastatin to me as a woman.For my brother who has blood in a stool sample and having a colonoscopy fri. to see whats going on.
  • Important appointment

    Pray for D's extremely important appointment today. Please let God give her favor and let the truth come out.
  • Confused

    Part of me doesn't believe in God anymore. I think maybe a small part of me still must because I am here but I just don't see the point anymore. The one and only family member I have in my life just treated me horrendously, lied and then called me a liar. I have a really abusive family. I have no one else and I can't get to a church right now. I am going through hell and my life is a waste and makes no sense. Every time I am able to finally break free something horrible happens. I just don't know what to believe anymore.