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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Mistake Made

    I used terrible judgment this past weekend and need prayers of forgiveness. I know I made a mistake and it has caused shame and pain to my family. My family is standing by me, but I continue to beat myself up about it. I know I cannot undo it - I need guidance on how to move forward.
  • Nursing School Interview letters & Entrance Exam

    Please pray that I do well on my entrance exam tomorrow morning. I am extremely nervous. It has been my dream to get accepted into Nursing School. Thank you!
  • Daughter

    Pls pray our daughter & fiance let us know if they want help to get married. My husband doesn't want us to bring up subject again since her fiance wants more expensive wedding than we can afford or just live together. I'd like resolution. Their son is 21 months old
  • Thank you

    I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who prayed for my niece Sarah, who was in an abusive relationship.. God truely worked a miracle.. And praise God for that.. She was able to leave town to stay with some family.. I suppose the Christian thing to do, would be to pray for the guy.. I hope he doesn't latch on to somebody else.. He is no good to women.. Please continue to pray for Sarah.. She is trying to get her life cleaned up.. Get away from drugs.. Thank you so much for your prayers.. God bless
  • Encouragement for husband

    Pls pray Lord helps my husband have wisdom with working environment & people he manages
  • Gratitude and Prayers

    Thank you for continuing to lift me up! I received another NO for a job that I had interviewed for. I am continuing to apply for opportunities that will allow me to use the skills that the Lord has given me. Please pray for his favor upon me. Pray for a positive outcome and peace in my heart as I wait.
  • Mom protection

    My 72 year old mother needs help getting to her dr appts in CA. She moved to be near my sister but she can't help her much due to her situation...pls pray they can work that out and/or Mom gets help at church
  • Moving

    I really need to move. In two weeks, I will only have money for rent and not any other bills. I need a cheaper but safe place to live and a way to move.