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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • College Speech for Christ

    Hello! At SFCC I am taking a leadership class in which I was to choose an article about leader who portrays servant leadership and perform a 3 minute speech about that leader.

    Many suggestions were given for leaders to talk about including Gandhi and Mother Teresa - but as a Christian, I believe the best servant leader in all history is Jesus Christ.

    Can you please pray (and fast if possible) that I will really be able to reach this group of college students for Christ? I have already faced a lot of opposition towards my faith in the college but most of the students have a really messed up view of who Jesus really is. My speech will be on Wednesday morning, June 10th. I will be speaking to about 30 other college students, none of whom seem to be Christians.

    I really want to make a difference for Christ but I cannot do it alone.

    ~ Hannah
  • lonely

    I am very depressed and lonely. None of my friends have time to hang out with me and I feel like an outcast and unwanted. I am not married and all my friends are married. I ask you to pray that God opens doors for a new husband to come into my life and fill the void. Ive been praying and reading the bible dailly and I am encouraged with his word but my heartaches from the depression of spending every evening alone. thanks for praying.
  • college finals

    I have college finals next week and I have to pass my math class to reinstate my financial aid or I will not be able to finish college and get my degree. Please pray I pass my finals. I have worked very hard.
  • I am lost

    Saturday Morning and I am sitting here in front of my computer crying my eyes out. I feel so lost right now. I am a single Christian man with a 17 yr old son ,, two daughters and four grandkids. I work hard and so many insults at my job. I was molested twice at age fourteen ,, had no one to talk to so I turned to drugs and alcohol. I have been clean 16 years and now I don't know who I am. I try to stay close to God but I feel so lost. I don't know who I am. My body is falling apart . I want to be in love again ,, I miss having someone to hold someone to share my life with. But I don't feel I am good enough for anyone. Who am I ? What is my purpose on this earth ? I don't know. Who Am I ? I am so lost ,, Help Me Lord.

    My Name Is Guy Wilks Lord and I am so lost and hurting right now. Help Lord
  • Niece needs serious prayer for protection

    God knows the situation and He can protect her and her boyfriend. I plead the blood of Jesus over her and her friend. I ask for wisdom and God's peace for her. I put her in His gracious hands and thank God for all He is going to do in her life.
  • depression will lift

    two of our family members are suffering from intense depression. Please pray that the darkness will lift, and that the doctors will have wisdom with medication. Pray for the rest of the family as we all are helping with small children and support.
  • Restore my son to my home

    My son was taken from me 4 years ago while I was addicted to heroine. Since then I have completed treatment and gave my heart to the Lord. I have been clean for almost three years. I don't even smoke cigarettes anymore. Praise the Lord He has delivered me from all addictions. His dad is not a believer and has custody of him. I have been back in my sons life since I got clean and I feel like the Lord wants me to have custody of my son. Its taken a lot of courage but I am moving forward as He leads. Please pray for provision for a lawyer, favor, and custody in Jesus name. Thank you so much and may God bless you.
  • Divorce

    Hoping & asking the Lord for strength and the ability to live a life of health, safety and happiness after my wife and I divorced after 15 beautiful years together. Many days I have where I question my future through sadness and loneliness. Oh and also prayers for our doggie "Riley" that lives with her now. He is my friend. Thank you friends.
  • Reunite our Family

    Recently I was born again and was teaching my children about God. My son and myself were baptized with our church. My son was so proud of this experience and wanted to share it and God with the world. My children were removed by child protective services for my family practicing our faith and beliefs. The devil continues to work thru authority figures to attack my family and keep us separated. I pray our faith will not give and we will rely on the Lord and that his will be done. I pray my children do not give up one there Love for the Lord. PLease Lord bring my family back together so we can continue to serve you. Lord send your Spirit to surround us and keep us safe from the constant bullets of the enemy. Help us to over come. Amen
  • Skin Infection

    My Graduation is coming up and Ive recently learned i broke out with a bacterial infection on my legs thats causing rashes with itching and uncomfortable pain-have been praying for it to miraculously go away but i feel like its just getting worse. Honestly have never been so frustrated and hopelesss. Please pray that it goes away and stops spreading.