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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Job Situstion

    Please pray for my job situation. Very stressful now, dealing with a shipping problem that needs to be resolved asap. A lot is at stake, feeling very anxious,overwhelmed and discouraged. Thanks.
  • Job and finance

    My boyfriend recently lost his job and he does not qualify for unemployment due to him being a student. Our house was recently robbed so we are really struggling to pay our bills. All I really ask is to ask God to open new job opportunities for him.
  • Breathing

    I am only still here because I am breathing. Fighting to find a place to live, have enough food, toilet paper etc. is just too much. There's so much more to life but not for me. I am tired and am over it and have told God I can't anymore. I feel like going and living in a cave.
  • Pray for meeting about a job.

    Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law as they meet with officials about a job position for my son-in-law.
    The Lord has promised to supply all our needs and this job is crucial to my son-in-laws future.
    Thank you.
  • grandchildren

    Please pray for healing for my daughter and her x husband to be able work together with transitioning of their children for visits to their Dad's. It has been a rough time for the youngest one especially. Pray for peace for all of them through this time.
  • new job and marriage

    Please pray to our Heavenly Father. I am continuing to apply for a new employment position that would allow me to use the skills that the Lord have given me in the area of Community Mobilization. Please pray for my marriage we are struggling with the empty nest syndrome.