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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Marriage and past

    Lord please help you children amen.
  • Daughter & grandson

    My daughters decisions are completely affecting our lives. She has a two year old son & we want to live near him. Husband wants to change jobs to another town. I am always stressed
  • Delivery

    Daughter due to deliver 2nd baby and will need to induce if baby does not come in the next few days. Prayers to calm her fears, a safe delivery for mom & baby, and a healthy baby in mind, body, & spirit. I know God is always with us every step of the way but she has not reached that place in her journey. Thank you for your prayers :)
  • Understanding for Dad

    Pls pray our children will have a soft heart toward their Dad when he has to explain why we need to move again...they are adults but two moved to be near us & he even told them we won't move again if they come here
  • Marriage and past

    Jesus to set us free from our pasts.help now Jesus we need deliverance
  • Lowest Point

    I have overcome so much in my life with God's help but right now I am facing so many challenges and I just can't see Him working in my life anymore, that is what is the most painful part of what I am going through. I feel alone and so hopeless.
    I have had health problems... migraines, intestinal issues, depression, anxiety - was recently fired from my job because I was out sick too much. I have no savings so in a bad place financially.
    I am starting a new medication for depression and anxiety but right now both are completely out of control and are overwhelming and paralyzing me.
    I don't understand why things keep going from bad to worse, I help others in many ways, pray and thank God for blessings, ask for help, etc.
    But I don't feel Him anymore and I am more and more doubtful that there is a God out there who even cares.
    I need prayer and am thankful for anyone who can help.
  • Family Hardship

    Today as I was dropping of my mom at the classes she is taking she told me she has a feeling as if she has cancer just like our grandma had, grandma died of cancer. Please pray for my mom and please pray for me. I've been holding on a grudge for several years. Mom raised us very strictly, she controlled everything, even dad. Few years back she lost her job. I starting working and she ended up asking for all my money and I gave it all to her for more than half a year while I was also helping my parents with second job (like 2-3 hours after full time working at my job and like 4 hours on Saturday). I felt stuck in life, I lost hope. She still doesn't take care of herself all she does is sit at the computer for hours, all the hours that she can. We've fought over it several times and it makes me hate my life. Please pray for me, Please Please!
  • baby boy

    Please pray for a dear friend of mine....her cousin had a baby yesterday and the baby wasn't breathing....they did chest compressions and he is in icu...things aren't looking good. The power of prayer is awesome!! And this little guy can use all the prayers he can get!!!
  • Pray for my son, Steve

    Our son, Steve is legally blind and he has applied for SSI. He gets $750 a month, in Seattle. We helped him for several months. We are both retired. Anyway, we told Steve he would have to pay us back, but SSI said that since the loan was from us, his parents, they were not obligated to pay for the loan. Steve has appealed and pray that he will get the money that is owed him and us. Also, pray that Steve will find a different place to live.
  • Pray for a friend of my son's

    Please pray for Scot, who is a friend of my son's. His landlord told him that he would have to leave because he didn't repair the room he was renting, of which the landlord didn't provide him with material to fix it up, yet the landlord told him he didn't do what he wanted him to do. Scot said that he would have to try to get a motel room which he didn't have very much money and that he would have to pay day by day. Pray that God would provide for him and provide a place to stay. My son and Scot planned to get a place together, but nothing has come about. Please pray that God will work things out for him and my son. Pray that God would work with the landlord's heart and soften him. Pray that God's plan will be accomplished.