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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Praying for a baby

    Please pray that we are blessed with a baby.. We have been trying for years and losing hope. My husband has a low count and he started new medication to help with that please pray that it helps and we get pregnant soon.
  • Prayer for husband

    Please pray for Brian. He is going through a lot of struggles right now.

    He has been out of work for a month and is struggling with not being able to provide for his family. He has PTSD and was wounded during his military service in Iraq.

    Please pray for strength, peace and to remember that God is with him as he goes through this time.
  • Son's Blessings

    Right now and for months, my son has been battling evil from every direction. He's a very strong Christian and is involved in the church, we know this is a reason for the evil attacks. He's been trying to keep his head up and battle through, he has people praying for him, but every turn seems to bring something else, a lot of it financial. Could you please help us pray for blessings for him. We believe in prayer, we've seen God's miracles in his life and right now we just need help praying. Thank you!
  • Healthy baby

    Need prayers for a healthy baby please. After 3 miscarriages I am hoping this will be the one we get to hold and love. God please bless this baby and please let that beautiful heartbeat be strong!
    Thank you so much for your prayers
  • Does God want our family to move?

    Our family has been considering relocating to the west side of the state to be closer to family. We are so established in Moses Lake w/ a nice home, good jobs, etc. My husband just received a job offer for the west side. It would be a huge step of faith to go without me having a job yet. We would have to sell our home and live with relatives until we could get established. We have two high school age sons to consider as well. They want to be near family, but we don't want to uproot them without knowing what the future holds. I know that's part of faith...trusting God for the future. We truly are torn on what to do. We have to give an answer on his job tomorrow morning. I don't want to uproot my family, but I don't want to miss an opportunity that God is calling our family to. PLEASE PRAY HE WILL SHOW US BEFORE TOMORROW!
  • In need of miracle in marriage and health

    Our whole marriage, husband has threatened divorce or constantly abandoned in many ways. My health over last 1-2 years has crashed and steadily been declining with one chronic illness after another - recently problems breathing. He has been horrendous with his anger rage issues daily now and I don’t know how he could get any worse with the way he treats, manipulates, blames me and shows everyone how blameless he is and behind closed doors when no one is watching comes down on me for anything and everything that is wrong for him. My health cannot seemingly take anymore of his destruction yet with my health I don’t know how I could physically live without him. My husband is so close to divorce as he cannot take the magnitude God is allowing to be placed on him (God wanting him to turn to Him) and thinks if he divorces me all his problems will be fixed.
  • I need prayers

    I am at a loss for my purpose anymore. It just seems I am here for the enemy to attack and me to tread water. I've tried to be here for God and do all he wants me to do but I can't get one moment of peace and I am not sure what God wants from me. I like to help others but I am not in the position to help anyone. I am having so much physical ailments. I have no family, no friends. I am alone and so wounded.
  • Divorce

    Please pray for my husband and I. We have been married 23 years, together 25 or 26, he has been my other half for better or worse more than half of my life. He recently asked Jesus to be his Savior and the attacks from satan have been horrible. At present he has moved out. He is very confused about our marriage and has been carrying on a friendship with another women that is destroying him and us. Today he ended up in the ER because of being suicidal.
  • Friend in need

    Please pray for my friend. She recently was able to break away from an abusive and controlling relationship after 18 years. Her older sister and brother in law took them in and provided them with a safe and loving place to live. After finding some stability for the first time in a long time the whole family is facing an eviction from the home. I pray for a solution of the highest good for all of them involved!!
  • Loss of Son

    Today is the one month anniversary of my son committing suicide at age of 26. I pray for comfort, strength, and peace in dealing with this loss and the suspicious circumstances for family members and his two precious daughters.