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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Addiction recovery

    My son is 16 and just got out of addiction treatment and is working his ecovery. I know it’s a battle with the enemy everyday. Please pray to intercede in this spiritual battle, that God will give him strength and wisdom moment by moment to fight this and not let the enemy come to steel kill and destroy. And please pray for healing for our family and each of us individually we all have some recovery to do.
    Thank you
  • Request for safety and healing

    Our 25 year old daughter, Sierra, was first diagnosed with ITP in 5th grade. Her immune system attacks her platelets. Sometimes her platelet counts remain relatively stable. Today we found out they crashed again and she was sent to the ER. She is home now and on medication to try and bring the platelet count up. This morning her counts were dangerously low. It is scary when they get this low. Can you please pray for God's continued protection and healing of her body so that her immune system stops seeing her platelets as intruders, and that Sierra will feel God's presence strongly with her. Thank you for holding us in prayer.
  • moving

    I just spent the last week moving.. I am out of money and tired.. I am afraid they are going to stick it to me on the apartment.. Had several things wrong.. I worked really hard cleaning it.. Please pray they have grace.. It is as clean as when I moved in it.. And that some money would come my way.. I don't get paid again till the 20th of next month.. Thank you and blessings to everybody..
  • family

    Grandpa not doing ok, my dad has to leave the country. since his undocumented, the probabilities of him coming back are slim. My family needs all the strength at this moment. My daughter more than ever. She looked at my dad like her own, since hers is not involved- this is going to break her heart. :(
  • Josh to seek Dad counsel about work

    We just got word our son wants to quit his job as a graphic artist, as the boss is giving him alotnof grief, he's been hanging on a year past when he told us he was quitting. Willingness and right timing to talk to Dad about other options before he takes a pizza job
  • Car and healing

    Please pray that God will bring the $500 I need to get my car up and running sound and that Max's cancer will not come back. Thank you!
  • Coworkers and owner

    My husband and I are hispanic and we are currently working in a chinease restraurant and I will never understand why they are two face people... While they are eating a good dinner , we are eating water and chips to kill our hunger.. May god open their eyes and see that we are human beings too and that we get hungry just as they do. A simple meal wouldnt chop them a hand .. Please pray that the lord opens their heart and not see us petty in their eyes.. God blesd you all
  • Drugs

    Hello , My name is Diana and Im 19 years old when i was 15 I developed a skin condition called "vitligo" my affected areas turned pale and I thought i wasnt beautiful anymore my eyebrow grew white and some areas of my hair did too. My depression led me to use drugs when I was 15 1/2 I met a guy who he later became my boyfriend and encouraged me to not use drugs and I got the courage to stay clean and was clean for 2 1/2 years and now I have landed in temptation and began using again
  • God's healing

    Please pray for my friend andi. She is a young mother of 3 boys battling cancer. She's been doing chemo for a while now and had it under control and then her liver started shutting down. She had to stop treatment's to heal her liver and know her cancer is back. Please pray that God miraculously heals her body and keeps her cancer away for good!
    God bless and thank you for taking the time to pray and care
  • Praise & Continued Prayer

    My work situation has always been hectic at a preschool and I'm trusting the Lord for strength and incredible patience sometimes when I'm tired or facing some especially busy time family needs. Prayer for the right classes each day, as I'm a floater at work