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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Health

    My 2 year old Granddaughter was life flighted to Spokane she is responding but not waking up. Parents are in need of strenght and a good outcome. Thank you all for your prayers for little Emma.
  • Need help with mind/stress in life

    I need prayer for my mental health issues and just my decision making skills, my mind deals with a lot of anxiety, depression and I just make a lot of decisions out of fear/stress. I need God's wisdom and understanding. I need God's leading in my life and I pray he helps me financially and the wisdom/discipline I need. I am mad about myself about how I have been trying to talk to a girl, it isn't working anymore and I thought there were opportunities but I have done some things that seem to have pushed her away even though she was showing signs, I am bad at dating and for some reason she has a wall about me, even though there seems to be some chemistry. I pray God helps me and reveals his will to me in this.
  • Reveal Your will for me.

    God the Father, help me to fight against the distraction in my life that leads me asray to my will and long suffering. Help close the gaps and fill the cracks with only Your will. For my heart longs to see You. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Update On Cancer

    Hello everyone. I have stage 3 throat cancer and a tumor behind my nose. They have removed all my upper teeth and the head aches not going away. Not only is the cancer taking its toll on me but I have had to take time off work and now I am behind on rent. I am scared and don't know what to do. They start radiation and cemo treatments next week. If there is a miracle out there in this world ,,,, I need one now.

    Thank You For Listening,,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Marriage

    Needing prayer for my marriage. I want to be the godly husband my wife needs....thank you...
  • Need God's help with finances

    I have gotten myself into a situation and it is my fault, I was trying to get a loan today and need God's help and for him to block the situation if I am not to get the loan, I am stressed out and can't even think straight. I thought it was God's will but I need him to direct me, I feel confused and with bad decisions I have accrued a lot of debt, it is my fault but I need God's guidance and help...thanks for prayers
  • Mother's housing

    My mother (and sister) is in a dilemma. My husband is ok for us to help my Mom if she moves to be near us. She lives 2 states away. If their relationship was stable they could house together, but my sister is the cause for our mother not getting her lease renewed. Mom wants to stay there to be near sister's young children, as sis only has visitation of them and needs to stay there. Messy between them, and my hubby would prefer my mom stay in her hometown, as we have a young autistic grandson we help with almost fulltime, until our daughter recovers from surgery. Our lives can't absorb mom's issues with my sister, as they are very problematic
  • family restoration

    I am sanjib pore from kolkata. Please do pray for our family peace, unity and good understanding with my wife radha pore. We are very distub in our family and married life. Also do pray for our daughter priyansh pore and shiven pore, they are disobedient,dislike study,nuty.
  • Job and marriage

    Could you please pray for government job orders please sir I want government job .

    My and my brother marriages to please pray
  • Military training

    Please keep me in prayer as I leave my wife and job to carryout military training for the next month.