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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • drug addiction

    A dear friend has relapsed. please pray for safety, that she will return home soon and get the help she needs.
  • Prayers for a tough situation

    I am in a bad situation with a relative. I can't stomach it anymore. We live together because of finances and injuries and there are no other options but it is so toxic for me. I don't see a way out and the relative can't seem to see how they treat me. I need financial and physical healing plus healing from this situation and a way out. I have been praying for this relative to see how they treat me for years. I can't do this anymore. Thank you so much for your prayers!
  • Take the pain

    Please send your warmth to Sarah. She takes on each day with severe pain. With your light the pain will go away. Please join me in prayer.
  • Overwhelmed

    I am going through so much and have for years. Please pray for my little dog; he has a large mass and the vet thinks its cancer. He is all I've got! I have no friends, hardly anyone I talk to in my dysfunctional family and this new news is wrecking me. I am not getting along with the 1 family member I have left. We fight even though I pray so much about it. I have so many bills. I don't have a coat for winter but have a condition that is worsened by cold and lose circulation in cold weather. My car is not great in winter and needs tires and an oil change that I can't afford. I am so overwhelmed and way past my breaking point.
  • Prayer for my brother

    My brother has reached out for prayer. He usually does not ask for help of any sort let alone someone to pray for him, so I know he is really struggling. He is going thru a divorce after about an 18 year relationship. There are 4 kids involved and he is taking this pretty hard. Thank you
  • Life in term oil

    There seems to be a lot going on all at the same time. I have been going through vertigo for almost a month now. I also have been trying to pack up my house to move. I have to be out by October 31st. I just learned that my niece-in-law's mother had committed suicide by prescription overdose. My mother is in a nursing home for rehabilitation. They told us she will be moved to long care, which means she will be losing her social security and will receive $50.00 a month. She will loose her apartment and storage. All of this is resting on my older sister's shoulders. I feel so guilty that I'm not there with her. I live in Idaho and they live in Iowa. She needs prayers badly. There is nothing that compares to the power of prayer. Thank you.
  • Asking For Prayer For Healing

    This all started a while back when they told me I had a Tumor behind my nose and Throat Cancer. They did Kemo and Radiation treatments. Now I am living with the side effects. Doctor says 3 to 6 months for them to tell me the Tumor and Throat Cancer is gone. Still can not eat regular food. Drinking water all the time and my throat is sore all the time. The side effects from the treatments are driving me crazy. Please Help Me Pray For Healing.

    Thank You ,,
    Guy W.
  • Severe Financial Bondage.

    Thank you for praying for my buddy Richard. He is currently i. The Philippines and is not able to get groceries until later next week some time. Please pray for Richard's provision and the ability to do better financially.
  • Help with Redirection in Life

    I recently had a car break down. I still owe 10,000 on it. I also am in need of a new job due to the not being able to get to and from my job. Thank you for praying for me!!!!
  • court hearing

    I just wanted to say that awhile back I had asked for prayers about a court case that a defense attorney was trying to get thrown out or suppress regarding my daughter being killed.I want to say thank you to every one that prayed about it. It did not get thrown out and the judge has used good discernment so far.. They are offering a plead deal in which the defendant has agreed to and it is involuntary manslaughter. Again the defense is asking for something ridiculous and I ask that once again to please pray for justice.Thank you...And that the guy really understands how his dangerous and deadly actions effected so many. Cindy