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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Baby with Heart Transplant

    Please pray for my 6 month old daughter. She is a recent recipient (almost 4 weeks) of a new heart. Please pray for the donor family who selflessly gave her a new chance for life during their own suffering. Also for Emma Claire, who is having some difficulties with feeding and her lungs, and for her new heart to stay strong. Also please pray that God will continue to use Baby Emma's story to reach people to turn to Him. You can find details on Facebook. Her page is Prayers for Emma Claire.
  • Job Searching

    I'm needing a new job. Please pray that I find something soon. Thank you.
  • Thanksgiving plans

    We need Lord to help us make right decision about plans. Daughter new bf
    (She lives with him now against our advice) will put damper on our family dinner unless miracle in our hearts of unconditional love & confirmation Lord wants us to invite him
  • Daughter needs heart change

    Shannon needs Lord to soften her heart & turn Her around. Ex-fiance & her to forgive each other & reconcile if Lord wills. Peaceful visitation for them for their son
  • Thankful & want intervention

    Thankful husband got another job they he's been seeking. This will change situation for our son (25) in 6 months who lives with us. Guidance to move with us (so far he wants to). Will need job in new area
  • Coming up short

    I am so tired of always being short for bills. I have to pay a bill by Friday night and I am short $240. I know God can come through and I am begging that he will. I don't know why this keeps happening. Everything is so expensive. I am so upset. There's got to be more to life than struggling and bills.
  • New Business

    Please Pray for own new business we are starting. We Pray for GOD to use us and this business for his glory. AMEN!
  • brother and sister inlaw

    please pray that God work miracle in them they have been seperated for a year now and my brother has finally filed but my sisinlaw dosnt want to divorce, he is in a lond distance relationship on line with someone else, they are both believers but have been trying to "hide" from God ,please pray that they can work it all out thnk you
  • Daughter's marriage

    Please pray for my daughter! Her husband is gone all week with work. When he comes home, he wants to party and doesn't want to talk or hug her. She doesn't drink at all but isn't a believer now. Her husband isnt a believer either. Please pray that God will make a way for them.
  • hopeless

    I have lost all hope. I don't know what to believe anymore.