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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayers for my Son

    My son was accepted into a post secondary college for kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I’m asking for prayers for provisions so he will be able to attend this fall. State funding is not recognizing this new program for Wa state grants.
  • Healing for husband

    He has been having headaches that even makes his eye hurt. He works on a computer all day and already has poor eyesight, it's very stressful for him & I
  • Family stuff

    Appreciate prayers for wisdom with different personality types that unintentionally cause hurt feelings. Lors to help us truly forgive and learn to relate differently
  • car

    I barely made it home in my car today, it is heating up. I have no money right now to fix it. I am going to try and change the thermostat. I need a new car. But finances are so tight, I don't know if I can make another payment. Please pray that things would work out. I have put so much money in it already. Thank you
  • Friendship, I guess.

    I don’t really know what my request is- I guess I’m just lonely. I don’t want to sound pathetic, but I feel like the friends I have put me on the back burner when it comes to plans and doing things. I just want someone, besides my husband and sister, to have a solid friendship with. Not a shaky sands friendship, but a solid friendship.
  • Pray for my son

    My only son (19) just graduated from high school and now wants to move 6 state's away to live with his gf in sin and her family isnt Christians and only want him there for extra money i believe god can change this situation and thats why im here to get more people to pray with me

    Also my heart is broken over this and all i want to do is cry
  • Prayer needs for family

    Please pray for my youngest sister and all my family members and loved ones for blessings, strength, and the Lord's grace and provision.
  • Horrid neighbor

    I live with and take care of my 87 year old mother. The house next to hers is a rental and the guy renting it is horrid. He moved into the neighbor with an "I don't care if you like what I do" attitude and things have gone downhill ever since. He is not friendly, he parties a lot, drinks and is drunk and loud every night, and has the worst foul mouth I have ever heard. The police have been called, we have talked to the landlord and all we hear is "our hands are tied". We have been praying and our church has been praying for us and we're not seeing much of a change and it's been almost three years. Mom and I are at our wits end. We feel like we can't go on that side of the house because he harasses us and we don't sit out on our patio because we don't want to hear his foul mouth. It's really taken a toll on us and we could sure use prayer. Thank you!
  • For my son

    Please pray for my son. He is 28 and been making poor choices for the last 10 years he got into trouble with drug charges in Wyoming. He was just charged 5 years probation with 4 felony charges he is currently fleeing. Please pray that he will agree to treatment and follow his probation. He has a 5 year old that is struggling with abandonment issues.
  • Moving on

    I need prayers for God's love and His plan for a loved one. They are ill and have several medical issues that require some assistance. Until very recently I have been the primary caretaker for this person. However, due to negative and slightly abusive behavior I have been forced to vacate my own place to avoid having my own health issues. I still check on this person daily and am assisting them however I can (they also have a caregiver that comes daily for a few hours.) My concern is that this loved one is not making any effort on their part to make things better for themselves. They have gotten beyond my ability to care for them and need to be in a place that can. I get harassing calls or texts mixed in with ones of gratitude etc. I still care for this person and only want the best for them but I need to avoid this highly toxic relationship as well.