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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Success for my friends

    Hello, could you please pray for my friends who are a group struggling to be noticed in the music industry (they include Christians). I'm praying that they'll grow spiritually and that God will use them greatly for His Kingdom. Please check out their awesome new video on Youtube. The group name is SF9 and their new song title is RPM. English subtitles are available. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thK4s81tEgU
  • Husband work issues

    Husband to have God's wisdom and patience as he wades through a tremendous workload and us helping our daughter & son-in-law a large amount for childcare, giving my Mom monthly support too, my middle aged sister to have a willingness to seek work again and not give in to depression
  • Daughter & her husband

    Pls pray they can get work schedules to be compatible with their family's needs and be at to have a parent home when the other isn't. We also help with their childcare needs, Lord to help them find the best balance soon
  • My family

    I ask God that my family stay unified and that we are able to get closer to him as individuals and as a family. We want to come to God and bring our children to him. It's just really hard to maintain my faith at 100% when my husband could have to leave this country. The county hes known as his home since he was a young child.
  • Family/General

    I would like prayer for healing, peace, and strength. Also forgiveness. I'm going through a divorce, and never in my mind did I ever think this would happen to me. I pray that Jesus gives me wisdom and the correct words when it comes to answering my children's question's. And guidance on what to do, as far as for my life and my children. To heal me from this sadness that I have in my heart and doubtful feelings and thoughts I have been having about myself.
  • Prayer that my counselor understands me

    I am dealing with horrible problems with my mind and need Gods help and I pray God gives the counselor I am dealing with the wisdom on how to deal with me......this is really late as I am only 10 minutes before my appointment....

    This will probably be an ongoing thing so I would really appreciate the prayers.
  • housing

    Please pray for my family that the new property managers will let us continue to live where we are right now until we can move out on our accord. That they do not place strict monetary demands on us. That we can continue to care for God's creatures that come to us.
  • Forgiveness

    Lord forgive me for being so selfish and focusing on me and my problems. Not being a person that can help if I'd only let You lead. In Jesus' Mighty name. Amen.
  • Encouragement for husband & sister

    My husband to have peace and to lean on the Lord today. Alot of issues with other people's needs, our own things breaking down. He isn't talking about it but I can see the stress. We had 4 tires to replace between our cars (damaged) and our fridge leaking and then broke, other family stuff with our adult kids
  • Favor for son

    He lives with younger bro and his wife and her friend.All share rent, we live in an expensive area.He roomed with his bro before bro got married. Our daughter-in-law wants to get a different place to allow her friend & her "partner" to share a place with them but have our other son have to find his own place. He is veryresponsible, no trouble at all, he cooks & cleans,etc. Asking Lord to breakup that ungodly relationship that is causing this mess