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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Save

    I ask for my dad to be healed and saved that our Lord Jesus Christ would have mercy and take away the bad
  • Health

    Pray for my health and cancer free results from mammogram. I have a family that depends on me for financial support and parenting. I witnessed how difficult cancer is when my Mom battled the disease. She didn’t survive the battle. It’s so hard to wrap my head around the possibility that I may have cancer too. I can’t stop thinking about it and fear for my family and all those who depend on me. Thank you. God bless.
  • Hubby & I sick...need to feel better soon

    Jesus to heal us tonight!
  • Mom & sister

    Jesus to show Rachel & Pat their need to offer forgiveness to each other & trust again, they both need to see their part...Dad to be willing to keep helping her...her to try again to work as a sub or other job, God to miraculously open doors for her for cheaper housing, a job, restorevhsr visits with her children, give her hope & incredible race & endurance to overcome her obstacles that she has contributed to
  • Son needs work related wisdom

    Prayers that Josh will seek.a.job that will better support him & his wife. She also.works but his desire to have a career in art limits him...has had jobs that are not art related, but it's his biggest strength. Jesus to guide him
  • Prayers

    1.) A dear friend is having memory losses and odd behavior. I am concerned for her that she may be suffering from beginning stages of dementia. God's healing is needed!
    2.) I have an important appt. coming up but weather is not cooperating. Need God's guidance on it.
    3.) Help save a friend and neighbor to Christ. Both don't believe in Him.
    4.) I need financial miracles.
    Thank you!
  • Custody of my granddaughter

    Hello, my daughter goes to court next week to finalize her divorce which has been going on almost 4 years. Her dad and his girlfriend are very negative when speaking about my daughter in front of my 8 yr old granddaughter, she is forced to call the girlfriend "Mommy" and so much more negativity that is damaging to her little mind. Please join me in praying God's hedge of protection be around her and that God's will be done in granting a fair custody plan. God bless you & thank you!
  • Finances

    I need a financial breakthrough. Without crying and making too long of a story, my God my God how is need a miracle.
  • God's Plan

    I am struggling with letting go of what I though God had planned for me. I had begun to allow myself to get excited over what I thought was coming and to begin imaging my "new life." However, lately it seems as if what I truly felt God was going to be bringing into my life is not actually a part of the plan. I am left not understanding and heartbroken. I know that there is a plan that is bigger than any dream I may have but this kind of stings.
  • broken down

    I am really losing my sanity. I have so many giants in my life I am fighting. Trials for years and now a mice infestation on top of everything else and they are keeping me up at night and getting out of traps and ignoring them. I am physically exhausted and can't do this anymore. I don't have the support of a spouse to help me through this. How do I continue to fight these giants without sleep, adequate food, money to pay my bills? It makes me want to let these people win. My health is suffering so much. I pray over everything but God puts more on my plate. I just want a victory that's not tainted and not causing stress while having to fight 10 tornados over here at the same time.