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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Pray for my family to be able to find a place to move

    Pray that God will provide a place for my family to move. We are being forced to move from our current home and are not able to find a place to move. We can not afford the high rent and do not have good enough credit to rent in our area. I pray for a work of God that we will be able to find a place this week. As we have to move by the 15th of June.
  • Healing

    My mommy slipped & fell @ a rest stop, she's at the ER awaiting x-rays, please pray for her supernatural healing & recovery; & for the discernible presence of the Holy Spirit for us both. Thank you for your faithfulness, be blessed!
  • I need Jesus

    There is spiritual warfare that has been happening to me, I’ve been put in psychiatric hospitals and I hear the devil and his demon they continue to mess with my mind and body. Please intervene
  • Pet Scan On Friday 5/16/2016

    I Know This Is Short Notice For Prayer But,, I will Be Honest ,,, I am Afraid Of What They Might Find. I Know They Are Looking For Cancer In The Base Of My Brain and In My Throat. But I Also Know They Are Scanning My Whole Body. I Am Also Claustrophobic ,,, I Pray I Can Get Thru This. Please Pray With Me and For Me .

    Thank You ,,,
  • Husband

    Please pray my husband finds a new job
  • My Dad

    Please pray for my dad. He has kidney disease and found out yesterday that his function is at 20 percent. They will check back in 3 months and it looks like he's getting close to having to go on dialysis. He's having other complications as well.
  • Family and Cancer

    I just found out my cousin has cancer. We do not yet know what stage. The doctors have done surgery and chemo and radiation. I just lost an uncle 2 weeks ago to brain, pancratic, and colon cancer. I had a friend who had a brain anurisim 2 weeks before that. My heart hurts, please pray for my family and friends as we all process these events
  • Spiritual warfare

    I’m being attacked by demon and the devil I need help ASAP
  • Death in the Family

    My sister passed away suddenly Friday night. She was in her early 40's. Please pray for the family as we go through this difficult time.
  • Family schedules Mother's Day

    Please pray for our days to be able to work together Sunday. Grandkids, different job schedules, son-in-law ankle to heal, etc. Me to have fun kayaking without fear, teaching Sunday school also, juggling it all!