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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Trial of a lifetime

    Pray for a breakthrough and the arms of Jesus wrapped tightly around my son as he endures the trail of a lifetime. God’s mercy, truth and light shine.
  • Much NEEDED prayer,,son Tyler for a RIDE to AIRPORT,,,NOT ME..

    URGENT PRAYER for our son Tyler is STILL planning on going to HAWAII later this WEEK,,to go see the GIRL he’s been TALKING ONLINE,,
    Please Pray he gets a RIDE to the AIRPORT,,,maybe a TAXI,,or UBER...We have ONLY one FAMILY CAR,, and we’re getting some WINTER WEATHER,,BLACK ICE and SNOW,,,I’m VERY CONCERNED,,,,Please Pray for our son Tyler to CHANGE HIS MIND,,about ME taking HIM,,and he takes a TAXI,,,or UBER...also keep praying
  • Prayers for me

    Pls pray that I can have God's strength & wisdom with my schedule, husbands asthma to be healed, confirmation about what is causing his asthma, sister's work situation. Jesus to give me His peace about where we should live to help my husband's health
  • cold virus

    Asking for prayers for both of my children ,and husband.We are battling a virus.It's day 3 and just in need of prayers for healing.Strength for me to be able to take care of them .I struggle with anxiety and ptsd , sickness triggers it for me.
  • Prayers for Mom

    My mom is visiting and tends to be negative and sad. I am doi g my best to be upbeat and hopeful, but she has a very melancholy personality that has made it hard for her to maintain friends, now she is 76. Patience & understanding for me, as she talked about being lonely but when she is here she complains about the weather, etc. Grandkids visited her, went on a nice outing today, she is still negative
  • healing

    please pray for healing for my pneumonia and for strength for my daughter Kelly to care for me and her 3 small children.
  • Health/Anxiety

    Please pray for my Health/Anxiety it is starting to impact my life and work. I have people helping, but could use all the prayers that I can get. Thank you
  • Need prayer for my friend Lisa

    I need prayer for my friend Lisa as she is going through a deep bout of depression and she was extremely exhausted and crying today when I talked to her....I pray God helps her with her faith and helps her feel loved as she doesn't feel accepted by a lot of people because of her MS and just a lot of things, I hope Fod just really helps her and blesses her.
  • I need God to help me with my faith

    I would like prayer that God would help me with my faith and maturity, I feel like I am falling apart emotionally because of a girl. I pray God also helps my head injury to heal...Thank you for prayers.

    Please pray for our daughter,,who is APPLYING for a NEW JOB,,Pray for DIVINE FAVOR,MERCY,,and this JOB will PAY MORE...