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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Right words/heart change for hubby

    Husband & adult daughter need healing in their relationship & willingness on both parts to try again. Daughter sometimes claims Christ in her heart & other times very worldly. She needs Lord to take away her desire for immorality
  • hope

    Please pray for my friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones...
  • Job loss

    My husband just lost his job. Please pray for Gods wisdom and that His perfect plan will be clear to our family.
  • Grandson's delays addressed

    Pls pray our daughter & her son's father will get in agreement about him (he's 2) and will desire reconciliation & marriage
  • Losing my job

    I'm losing my part time teaching position after only 3 months. Please pray for my next steps.
  • Right job for hubby

    My husband about to make a major job change. Prayer wanted that company he interviewed with will only offer it if Lord is in it
  • Guidance for sons

    Sons to have clarity about their next step. One needs to finish college & other needs to return to church. Encourage each other & maybe share an apt when older son's lease expires?
  • Daughter open to change

    Pls pray Shannon will be open to her father's advice & he will be open to talk to her (again) with a truly loving heart that isnt angry or judgmental but truly concerned about her well being
  • Health Crisis

    Please pray for me to be healed from a cardiac problem and successful withdrawal from alcohol use. I know I am a child of the loving God but I need a little extra help. Thank you for your prayerful help and God bless.
  • prayer for the job the Lord has for me now

    fairly new to Idaho, need to find the job He has for me now, He know details, been out of work a while now, thank you