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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Gods Will

    Your prayers please so that I will know how to help a loved one who has stage 4 cancer..when to ask for Hospice for the Grace of God to surround the family..
  • nephew

    please pray for Dustin as he goes in for testing for two very serious conditions. Also for his new wife and Mom.
    thank you.
  • Direction For Son

    Please pray for my adult son. He has had a deep disappointment, and it has caused him to question his faith. He doubts prayer, and the promises of God. No matter what I say, or pray, he questions me. He cannot move on from this without looking at the past and what 'could have been'. This is also challenging my faith. I know there are many needs here, but I would greatly appreciate even one prayer on my son's behalf.
  • Prayer for Marriage

    Just need your prayers for healing in my marriage...to be the husband I need to be for my wife...thanks...
  • Healing and direction

    My wife, Beth, has diabetes, with extremely painful diabetic neuropathy. Her blood sugar remains hard to control. GERD and IBS affect her digestive system. Her medications cause extreme drowsiness and do not completely control her pain. We are rarely able to be in church. Please pray for complete healing for Beth and that God shows us where we belong for church. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Abuse and alcohol addiction

    Hello I am in need of all prayers right now.. can you please pray for this man.. he really needs god in his life and to show him with god all things are possible.. show him right from wrong.. pray god can give him a soft heart.. please pray that he can beat his addiction and the abuse.. thank you god bless
  • Toxic Mold, Abandoned Home, Husband Abandoned Us and is Emotionally Abusive

    I have toxic mold in my blood due to our home. Husband says I am a liar and emotionally abusive. Daughter and I left home and everything in it last week and living with my parents temporarily an hour away. We were to all move to a new apartment in a couple weeks until house rebuilt. Now says sign a post-nuptial or will divorce me, or move back to toxic home. He has cut us off of all financial means, and blames me for our health issues.

    Need direction for how to clean cars and air duct system so we don't cross-contaminate; prayer for husband's anger, direction, emotional abuse and attachment to worldly things; living situation and dynamics living back with my parents; safety of my daughter getting her first job today, traveling 3 hours round trip daily; my health, our marriage and my husband always planning for divorce and not spending that energy being fully committed.
  • My husband

    My husband had to take a test. Will you please pray for him.
    Thank you
  • Job

    Please pray for me that I get the job I just had an interview for today.
  • middle school bullies

    My daughter will be entering 6th grade. Last night at VBS, one of my class helpers was a sweet girl named Brianna. I was between classes, so we were chatting about middle school, and I asked her if she liked it and was it a good school. She said it wasn't. I asked why? she said because there are A LOT of fights. I asked her, "mean girls?" She said "and boys". She then went on to tell me how a girl was trying to get her to join her gang, and when she didn't, she cussed her out and called her names, but the worst is when a boy was bullying her relentlessly, telling her to kill herself. I wanted to cry as soon as she said that. She needs our prayers, as does my daughter, and any kids that are getting picked on and bullied. I can't believe school isn't a safe place. I want my children to learn, not be scared to go to school! Please join me in praying for our children ♥