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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for Patrick

    Patrick is recovering from 2 back surgeries and is needing to learn to walk again. Pray for quick painless healing and for courage to work thru it all.
  • Help

    Please pray against any eating disorder in my life and body shaming against myself.

    Thank you
  • my life

    I am really going through a hard time, spiritually and emotionally. Please pray things work out for the better.. Thank you
  • Prayer for my brother

    Please pray for my brother Dan who has had a lot of elbow pain for the past 4 months. He had the prayer wariors at his church pray over it this weekend, but I believe the more we have praying the better. We are believing in a miricle for him. Thank you and God bless you all.
  • Jaw and bite help

    I have horrible TMJ and have been meticulous about my dental health. Still God allowed cavities which is my worst fear because I knew it would throw my bite off to have fillings, which is exactly what is happening. I can't explain the cavities but it may be a side effect of a medication I was on that blocked absorption of essential minerals and some vitamins. I am trying to heal myself but I can't fix my bite. Living like this is miserable, I can't sleep and get comfortable. I feel I am losing my sanity the pain and bite is that bad. Please pray for me!
  • Get him out of my head!

    I was married for 18 years to a man who mentally and verbally abused me. My problem is that his abuse continues to rattle around in my head and I can't seem to turn it off even though we are now divorced. I know I am psychologically damaged and it will take time to heal, God and I are working on that. What I need prayer for besides healing is that he is removed from my mind completely. Thank you for your prayer support!
  • Wayward Grandson

    My grandson has been hooked on marijuana for the past year. He decided to join the Army and was getting clean from the marijuana and then he went to a party and ended up with a Minor DUI. Now he is losing his new car, his license, and his insurance. He just turned 19 a couple weeks ago. He needs God so badly, I have been trying to encourage him but it is extremely hard because his parents are all for him one minute and against him the next. They try to keep me from encouraging him even though they are Christians also. He was raised in church but has seriously fallen away and I don't know if he is actually saved or not. Pray God will continue to reach out to him in whatever way it takes.
  • Protection from sorely ways

    Please pray for me and the youth. I have been fighting with the thoughts of wanting to lose my virginity before marriage. Please pray that God shuts that desire out and replaces it with Godly thoughts. Thank you and God bless.
  • Husband Left

    Husband got upset and left. He frequently yells divorce threats and frequently leaves for days, weeks at a time to stay at our other home - calling me names and putting me down, mocking me. He is caught in between the world, money & his self centered selfish laziness of not wanting to be inconvenienced by marriage (me - another body with differences) and loving me deeply with great growth in Jesus. I love him deeply. I also see his lies, deceit and covering up things that greatly affect me ever increasing and I am having a very hard time trusting him and feeling safe. He is very confused and has a tremendous inner battle of loving me deeply and thinking single would be easier. Oh how I love this man and my heart hurts deeply when he leaves with no certainty of him ever returning.
  • Son's job

    Son considering his work/school options, we can help with some college cost,
    Dad waiting on his initiative,
    needs Lord to motivate him,
    newly married, needs career direction