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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • pray for family as we are forced to mve

    please pray that my family can find a place to move we have no money and were completely taken back by the fact that the home we are living in was sold we were not even notified it was being listed until the agent put the sign in the yard. It sold very quickly and now we are being force to move with no money and no family to turn to. This is even worse because this is my elderly mother and elderly father who have many health issues who are being forced to move. what is even worse is the home they are living is is owned by my uncle My father's brother. I pray for a healing all relationships in this I pray fro my family to find a place to live and I pray as the only Christian in the family that this will end in peace.

    Bless the Lord OH my sole

    Dale Moog
  • Stressful work

    My prayer is to have God's favor for getting assigned to a classroom that is less stressful for the next few days. I work at a preschool and need to know that He will put me where it's best for me, as lately I am stretched thin emotionally with family issues that need alot of prayer and thought
  • For God to show me why I have so much difficulties in relationships

    When I was 6 months old DSHS/SRS had to take me from my biological mom, I was really under-weight and malnourished, the family that raised me probably did a better job than what my biological mom could do for me, but honestly I still have a lot of problems, I have a lot of mental health problems and I think I have a bad attachment disorder, I'm to the point where I don't even pursue relationships, I often feel out of place and that I don't belong, I pray God shows me what's really wrong with me, because I'm not sure where to turn.
  • Wisdom for me

    I need God's wisdom and peace, husband's responsibilities have taken its toll on him, I want to be a support and also need peace as he goes through a difficult season
  • Husband

    My husband needs prayer for peace & guidance through a difficult situation at church
  • Premie Baby

    Valor was born at 30 weeks. He has had numerous medical issues but God has brought him through each one. Once again he is fighting for his life with a nasty infection causing sepsis. Please pray for God's miraculous intervention in this tiny one's life and for strength and wisdom for his family and the medical team.
  • Receive

    I ask that I would receive the Holy Spirit and God’s promises would come to be
  • Anger

    Pray for D who has a temper problem in stressful situations. Teach her to not sin in her anger. Most of the time so sweet but during stress and frustration becomes awful. It is enough for me to leave and go our separate ways.
  • Constant feeling a fear and anxiety.

    Please pray for me. I don’t understand why I feel this way, in constant fear. I feel like I’m chocking and everything is collapsing around me. I can’t seem to calm down and get ahold of myself. Nothing in my life is falling apart, every one is healthy yet I have never felt such anxiety.
  • Eric needs God's love

    Eric needs God's love. Please pray that the love of God will heal his heart and heal his soul. Pray that God will give Eric the grace to know that God loves him and that Jesus died for him. Please pray for an Easter Miracle of salvation for Eric. Pray for God's peace to fill his soul.