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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Court

    I am seeking child support for my 5 kids from my ex husband I am financially unable to care for my kids alone we go to court next week please pray the judge has mercy on me and is generous with his decision on child support my ex has a history of paying support late
  • Migraine

    I've had a migraine for 3 days my dr hasn't helped me. Medicine isn't working please pray this headache leaves my body the pain is causing me loss of work and I am having to stay in bed
  • Job

    Please pray that I will be able to find a summer job, if it is Gods will for me. I am 14, so it may be a lot harder to find a good job......
    Just please pray that I will find what God wants me to do, and where to go, and what his will is for me!

    Thank you!!!!
  • Heath

    Please pray for my mom! She needs hope right now! I don't want to declare anything over her, but she's in pain almost all the time, just please pray for her!!!!! Just declare and pray that the Lymes will go away! And that God will supply and support her with HOPE and PEACE!

    Thank you for all of your support!!!!!!

  • Children

    Please pray that my grown sons will know God's love for them and follow Him. They so need Him right now.
  • Family, Financial, Job Stress and uncertianty

    I praise God for all that has been given to me and my family!! HE is humbling/pruning me.

    I have worked in the construction industry, which has its challenges with the people that tend to work in the industry. I had to change positions/companies last year prior to my position being eliminated. Godly men can be very hard to come by! I am the leader and breadwinner of my family, but am feeling the challenges and pressures that everyone faces.

    I pray that God will provide clarity with all things in my and my families lives.
  • Update on job situation

    I talked to my boss and he said that I could finish up the month of April, but with April almost to an end he still hasn't told me if he has another job for me. I feel scared and nervous.. I need another job... I've been trying to rely on the Lord, and it's helped but now that I'm almost done I've been having a harder time. Please pray for me!!
  • New Job and Faith

    Please pray for me! I need the Lord's Favor upon me and my job hunt. I am still waiting word on a position that I have interviewed for - they said they would have clarity by mid april. Pray that I am given the opportunity to use my Masters and do the Lord's work. Pray for his timing.
  • Prayers for my family

    My family is full of addiction, drugs, alcohol, broken families, dysfunction, hate, and jealousy. We've had several tragic deaths in our family over the last 10-15 years. Currently, Grandpa has radiation treatment. Grandmother is depressed. Walls are built among each of us. I pray to trust God completely, I give Him all of my loved ones and TRUST that He is in control. Please pray for my family. Thank you.
  • Answers

    Please pray that God will give me answers. I don't know where to go....I ask him what I should do when I face choices, but most of the time I don't hear an answer....

    God bless.