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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • on empty

    Please pray for me as I am drained emotionally, physically and spiritually. Just as I take a good step forward I seem to have so many back. I struggle with depression and I just feel so weak as a Christian and do not understand why God will not answer my prayers and make me strong enough to battle the lies. I feel alone in this struggle.
  • Myself

    I am asking for prayer because I was out of town and I lost my wallet with all my cards and driver license another very important documents so I asked for prayers that person that grabbed if they could please just return it back and thank you for all those who pray for me.
  • Lost Friend Update

    I've requested prayers a couple of times already for my lost friend. But I don't believe you can pray too much - especially for somebody that doesn't have God in their life and you can tell they are suffering because of it. This friend has been hurt so bad over the past that she's closed her heart to the concept of love and has turned to a life of shallow rewards and destructive behaviors. I've tried to be there for her, but it ends in her shutting me out and being resentful. I'm not equipped to show her God's love. So please, continue to pray for her. Pray that she's able to witness God's love and that the only way to true happiness is through knowing Him and letting Him into her heart. And please prayer for me that I have the patience and love for her that I can be supportive and be there when she needs.

    Thank you!
  • Building materials, work, water well, sheds

    My husband and I have not had the money to dig for a well on our land, and struggle to make ends meet. He can do any carpentry/painting/woodworking and needs calls to come in to pay bills, dig a well, and start a new business. We need storage on our place and more room. I can do art/ and planting to help. Thank You.
  • Sad

    I am truly devastated about something that happened yesterday. I don't know why God allowed it. I need prayers.
  • livable vehicle

    I am in need of a miracle my wife and nine month old son currently live in a broken down van and have very limited funds dwindling fast to come up with a running van or suv please pray for us we desperately need God's help please please pray for us oh God please help us
  • Brother-in-law and my sister and kids

    I'm asking for prayer for my brother-in-law and sister and family they're going through the hardest time of their lives my brother-in-law is needing a heart transplant and kidney transplant so if you guys could please have them in pray they needed so much.
  • Son living with us

    Our adult son has been living with us for over a year now. He has back injury related to a work accident & had surgery but it hasn't helped. He will have an MRI finally next week. Please pray that his back is healed & he can go back to living on his own. He also needs prayer for his alcoholism. Thank you
  • Just need prayer

    I would just like prayer for my life and that God helps me to work hard for my goals and have faith to see them through and that God is for me, not against me. I can be really negative in my mind and am dealing with a difficult health problem and I would like prayer for what seems like spiritual warfare in my relationships, even though I have struggles, I know that it some ways I have it pretty good and feel like jealousy from other people is creeping in and effecting my self esteem. I would like prayer for my Mom, Lisa, Florene, Jackie and Heather in my prayer group and that God's love envelops and that we grow in the study and that God helps us all to grow to be the people God wants us to be. I pray God helps me with some of my anger, fear and doubt I feel some times. I would really like prayer for Heather as she is a single mother of 3 and is really struggling in life.
  • Eating Disorder

    I have been sober for 10 months and am in a faith based recovery program through the mission. I am struggling with bulimia now and I need prayer to help me find the roots of my problems so I can get through this with Jesus. Please help I am really struggling right now. Thanks