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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    URNT PRAYER for our Family, There's a lot of FIGHTING between FAMILY Members and friends, Our oldest sister came out HELP out with our PARENTS,,,,,Our DAD is slowly Dying,,, Our sister is Extremely taking advantage of Everything,,,, She took our MOM t to CHANGE Her WILL, The whole Family thought our oldest SISTER was off DRUGS, She's NOT,..,,,, She's NEEDS to go Back to HER HOME NOW... Please PRAY,
  • May God show me His promises

    Dear Lord, I pray that You would show me Your promises and will and reconcile Amy and I today in accordance with Your teachings. Thank you Lord!
  • Prayer please for help

    Prayer please for a friend who has ignored me. I would be grateful for communication so I can move forward. He has ignored me a lot and it has been hard to handle. Please let him talk to me and provide clarity I would appreciate it and some form of closure. I have been communicating via texts and he has suffered depression.
  • favor

    Please pray for my unspoken requests. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.
  • Finances

    URGENT PRAYER for our Family We Need Help, My Husband can No longer Work, and I take care of Him, We NEED HELP with our Bills, Food, and getting All of my husband medicine, Please PRAY for DIVINE HELP,
  • Husband's guidance

    Prayer for Jesus to help my hubby cope with difficult personalities at work & be rejuvenated in his spirit today
  • finances

    Need a financial miracle please.. I am not going forward in life, I just keep getting further behind.. God help me please.. Blessings to all
  • (no subject)

    Please pray Rachel's finances will be met by her new job soon, as well as some miracles from her debtors, Lord willing
  • Major Consequences to Husband Leading

    Trying to learn what God wants it to look like with housing, marriage and husband neglecting my health needs. Husband has flat said he will not consider my health needs in regards to my illness as he does not believe me or the doctors. Trying to figure out how to bring information to him in regards to my health needs, treatment, healing; but letting go of what he does with it, even if it means my health may suffer, possibly tremendously...and in turn leading to huge consequences to not only me but him and my daughter.
  • guidance

    Right now I am faced with making some significant decisions for my family, education, and job. And I desire God's leading in each of these things.