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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Me and my daughter's job

    My daughter is having problems at her job. I just started a new job and I'm anxious about it
    Thank you
  • Reunited

    Long ago my sister and brother had an argument and my brother disappeared. I'm still in touch with my sister, still praying and searching for my brother. Recently my brother's wife found me online and soon I spoke with my brother for the first many years. This past Saturday, he and his family came to visit me and we spent the day together. I am praying for restoration for my siblings.
  • Salvation

    Please pray for my stepson to surrender and give his life to Jesus. He I think is more agnostic now but he is super into feeling smart and science. He has gone from saying he's a Christian to saying he's a girl to saying he's an atheist then communicating with demons then saying he's Christian then going back to saying he's atheist and now dating a girl who is into science as well who I think is more agnostic so I think that's where he's at now? He has seen God's hand in his life and has been taught truth. I believe his desire is to marry the lady he is dating and she has a daughter, so my prayer is for salvation for all of them so they can raise this young girl to know her Maker and His love for her.
  • Friend with a health issue

    Can you pray for a friend of our family named Bob that lives in Clarkston .. He is in ICU right now and is over 70 buy has a pretty young wife and 3 daughters that need him like all families to be around as long as possible .. So can you pray for him to return from the hospital healthy ..
    Thanks !!
  • Protection / Faith to endure

    Plz pray for my family, we are being attacked on "all sides", emotionally spiritually physically. Somebody is trying to destroy my parent's job & also give us doubt. God says he covers us w/ His blood, provides & nothing can come against us. Plz stand in agreement that we kicked Satan out since he has no authority over us!
  • Lord give husband His desires

    Pls pray Lord give husband His desires for where to work next, live, etc. He needs a change & I'm concerned for our adult children & grandson who just moved to be near us
  • Grandson to stay with us

    Pls pray our grandson & daughter can continue to live with us & her bf will cooperate with her & she sees need for court to help her with a parenting plan before he visits
  • Son to desire better work situation

    Our son needs a different job, since the gas station he works for treats workers unfairly. Pls pray he gets less hours to focus on school & church
  • Enemy defeated in ongoing situation

    We have a situation in our family that is on-going & wears on our marriage. Husband hoping to move to cheaper area & some other plans that are now on hold due to adult children's needs. He is struggling & won't go get advice. I'm not certain what to do
  • Protection for daughter & son

    Pls pray our daughter will have godly intervention tomorrow when she sees her ex-fiancée so he can visit their son. My husband said he would give her advice but since she didn't listen he said very little