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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Amanda and daughter Colleen

    Amanda is a grad student in the midwest. This week has been very bad for her and her family.

    Her daughter Colleen tried to commit suicide and is in the ICU. Colleen is 16yrs and has a history of mental illness that they have been working on for years.

    Amanda found out this week that she has run out of grant money and will be short one semester.
    Amanda also found out this week that she has the mumps.
  • Owen

    Would appreciate prayers for a homeless vet who has suffered much loss and pain. he is being reviewed to see if he needs to be put in a mental hospital. please pray that God's hand will reach out to him and let him know that that he is loved and not forgotten His name is Owen and if you would not mind please also pray for so many veterans that are homeless as well as others who suffer with homelessness and mental health.
  • Health

    Having my second breast biopsy tomorrow because the first one was not successful. Please pray for a successful biopsy with a benign result. I just lost my Mom to cancer in November and now facing breast cancer myself seems daunting. Hoping I can have time to grieve my Mom's passing before facing another crisis. Thanks for your prayers and God bless.
  • Long Distance Relationship

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, say a prayer for me. Met during a Missionary trip. It is so difficult to be so far apart. It has been three months and we still communicate, and we both enjoy our conversations. Please pray for him, because he has started to struggle with some sin. Just hope the Lord pulls him out, because he is seeking redemption. Also, he tells me he loves me and said if he could have he would have already proposed. Currently he is saving money for the wedding.
  • Feeling Lonely

    I am not in the Christmas or my birthday spirit this year cause I have been through a lot this year and been depressed on and off from a break-up. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I am not looking forward too it at all. I have lost a lot of friends but I guess it is for the best. I am getting older and I want to have a good Christian hard working men to come into my life where we can get married and start a family. It just seems like every year for my birthday and the holidays I am always single and I don't know what I do to deserve this happening to me. I pray to the Lord for a husband but it just doesn't happened for me. I just feel all alone in life but I will continue praying and maybe one day it will happen.
  • Compassion International India

    Please pray for Compassion International to be able to continue its good works in India. The Indian government has blocked funding since February 2016. This is forcing church partners and child centers to close. Please pray this can be resolved December 6th.

    Thank you!
  • Health and Guidance

    Please pray for my health and for God’s guidance in a relationship I am in.
  • Work/financial needs

    My husband has just moved to the country, and we are waiting on a final immigration interview so that he can start work. Meanwhile, we, like so many others, are struggling to make ends meet financially. We are still newlyweds trying to build a new life together. We would appreciate prayers that everything is resolved soon and he can start working; and that until then we are able to make ends meet and maybe have enough left over to bless our families for the holidays.
  • answered prayer

    Thanks be to God and his people.. He moved fast.. I had an interview for a job this morning.. And I got it.. There is only one thing that I don't like about the job.. I have to answer phones.. And I know it sounds silly.. But I have social anxiety disorder.. And things like that can be hard.. I have overcome most my anxiety.. Just pray that I would not lose this job.. Thank you
  • Prayer for friends and loved ones that need God and his protection

    I would like prayer for my friends David and Reuben, they are really seeking God and need God's protection and understanding as I think some of the stuff they are hearing and learning about isn't coming from God in my opinion, they are in a Recovery Shelter and there are many different teachers that are allowed to talk to them, I pray they have wisdom and understanding as wolves come in sheeps clothing to divide the flock, I pray they can be wise as wolves but innocent as sheep, I would also like prayer for Jacob, Jarod, Todd, Tom, Pat, Justin B, Justin J, Josh, and any other friend that I missed that they come to a deeper relationship in Christ and God keeps them away from the evil one.