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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Starting our family

    My husband and I have been trying for two years to conceive our first child and have been unsuccessful. Please pray that we will soon be able to finally start our family
  • Prayers for Everyone here

    I am seeing a lot of hurt and pain here. I want to send out prayers for EVERYONE here. May the LORD bless your faithfulness and use these trouble times to develop and teach you his will. May he create Christ likeness in your hurt and pain. GOD bless you all. Am sorry for what everyone is going through. I pray you stay positive. Over come the pain. In JESUS name AMEN.
  • Broken

    I deal with a lot of physical pain and had a family member drop a bomb in my life and the way they did it was so cruel. I can't stop crying and I feel like I am having a mental breakdown and it's hurting my physical health. I call out to God and ask for my guardian angel too. I am so alone.
  • Health

    I have a lung biopsy on the 12th of December and ask for your prayers that it be nothing or something small.
    I am a insulin dependent diabetic with kidney failure, on dialysis 3 days a week. Earlier this year while in the heart cathe lab at the4 hospital they did several ablassions and when done my heart stopped for over 12 minutes. They feared damage and death but God kept me safe and brought me back this summer to almost full strength.
  • Breakthrough

    Please pray that God gives me a miraclious breakthrough in my masters program. Basically they’re at the moment with holding to give me response due to visa issues. If you can just pray for a speedy response and that it will be in my favor. And that when I start my visa application that Jesus will oversee through everything and I will go before me and favor will be mine. thanks in advance
  • attack

    I had a horrible argument with a family member. I don't have a very healthy family and so I only talk to one of them. I don't know how God sees them or the situation. I feel like they don't respect my boundaries, makes disparaging comments, put me down and don't always listen to my viewpoints. I've seen some improvements but in this one area I can't get through to them. I needed to do a lot this week and feel like this just ruined my entire week. I feel undermined and treated like a young petulant child. I need God's assistance to process this. I am sick of life like this. I would distance myself but it's complicated for a totally unrelated reason. I am not quite sure why my life is like this. It makes no sense but yet I am continually slammed in all areas of my life. I need a little happiness, people and a life to interact. I just don't get it anymore.
  • healing

    Need physical and emotional healing.. Need a financial blessing.. My body hurts, my soul hurts.. I am starting to feel defeated and tired.. I am starting to blame God, and feel hate towards him.. I don't want to feel that way.. God help me.. Need a miracle.. I still love God in my heart.. I don't know why life is so hard.. I hope that God saves his people.. And keeps them from evil.. God bless everyone
  • Family in need

    Please pray for Tina and her family who needs a miracle, also that they know the Lord and to know that he loves them all, pray for their salvation and that they are always protected.
  • Work

    Am feeling so defeated. I have prayed more times than I can count. I try to keep my head up and believe God has a better job out there for me. Today I feel as if that is not true. No matter how hard I pray and believe, its just not going to happen. Am so down. Feeling sad. Disappointed. Am just truly sad at this point. I don't know what else to say or do. I know God is good and all good things come from the LORD, then why ? Need help.
  • prayer for a friend

    Hello - I have a friend who is caught up with meeting men online in other countries. Her daughters are both young adults and out of the house on their own. She has been a single parent for most of their lives and she lives alone now. She has given this latest man both of her daughters pictures and email addresses. He claims he loves her and she claims she loves him. This is not received well from either of her daughters and now she is lashing out at them and being hateful. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have been asking for God to reveal the lies to her and call on her heart so she will call on Him and seek His wisdom. I am truly afraid that she is going to get mixed up in something and ruin her life in her desperation to find someone to be with :( I need many prayer warriors to help me in this battle to save my friend... Any prayers are much appreciated.