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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Jaimee

    Please pray for my niece Jaimee. She found out today that she needs a heart transplant. I pray that she will be able to receive a heart before it is too late. I know God will answer our prayers. Thank you for your support.
  • daughters needs Councel to get her Son back.

    Please pray for God to open up doors for our daughter to obtain legal counsel and appeal a temporary parenting plan that was botched by her former counsel in Spokane, Aug 28th. She has until Wednesday the 12th to come up with the retainer fee. After that she won't be able to appeal. Asking for intercessery prayer. Thank you.
  • Panic

    I am really panicking right now because I am running out of money and have bills that are due now. I need a miracle within a few days. I am afraid of what will happen and I am tired of the constant stress. Life just seems pointless; just bills and stress. Thanks
  • full time job

    Please pray I find a full time day job. I have young children at home and I need a day job. Please pray the Lord opens doors for me to work at a place where it is a day job. thank you. I can't pay my bills and my family can't help me.
  • (no subject)

    I don't usually ask for.prayers for myself, but I ask for prayers as my mammogram came back abnormal and have to have more tests, we have a strong family history of breast cancer. Please pray there is no cancer .
    Thank you
  • Future direction

    I'm needing prayer for my husband and I's future, we need direction in job changes and possibly a big move. Desperately want to follow gods plan for us!
  • Healing for my two sisters

    Shirley has had another stroke. The Lord brought her out of the first stroke and I know that He can do it again. Also, my other sister, Vernal has difficulty getting enough air to her lungs and the doctors are going to do some tests to see if it her heart that is causing this. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors on both of these requests. Also, my husband Chuck is doing much better, but we need guidance whether to go with radiation or cheno. Please pray for wisdom on our part.
  • Struggle...

    Hi there............
    Please pray that I will come to submit to my mom. I am really struggling with her "authority over me."
    Just please pray that I will be able to humble myself, and that God would give me grace, and my mom would show more love towards me...thanks.

  • Grandmother battling cancer

    I'm Ricardo and 22 yrs old my grandmother was diagnosed with a rare type of liver cancer in February and was given 6-12 months to live. Since she was diagnosed she has believed in a miracle and just recently she lost all her strength and appetite and is not very vocal. However when she does speak she's praying and still believing in a miracle no matter how bad things seem. My grandparents have been faithful Christians for so long and for me it's hard seeing my grandmother and the foundation of my family go through this.. Not everyone is my family is Christ followers and idk where my family would be without my grandmother. Please pray for her healing and strength for my family and I. It's a real tough time and I don't understand how my grandmother could have such a sickness when she's always been healthy and faithful to god.
  • Mission Money

    I need prayers for my financial situation. I am trying to make money for my mission trip with YWAM coming up in October and am struggling financially and need prayers. Thank you very much for the prayers and thoughts.