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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • mothers health

    My mother hasn't been feeling well, for the past few days. And I would like for the congregation of plr to help me pray for my mothers health and her relationship with the Lord.

    Thank You All, Blessings
  • son being taught to hate

    I ask for a restoration and healing in my family between me, my 14 ur old and 17 year old.17 year old lives with grandma who practices witchcraft.She mind control,manipulates,isolates,puts guilt trips, instills fear and more on my son.I ask that this bondage may break.My son had given his life to the Lord when he was about 10.He has also been baptized.I need all the prayer I can get.
  • Adult children encouragement

    Pls pray Josh, Jared Shannon feels Lords strength & encouragement today as they start a new quarter at college...many challenges in different ways
  • Where is God when I need Him?

    Menopause at 40 :(
    I am giving up! I feel better at home and in my bed crying for no reason at all. Thank you all for your prayers and comments! God bless.
  • ...

    My life is pointless. I have no kids, no reason to really get up in the morning. I am in severe physical pain and never get out. I don't know why I am here anymore.
  • finances

    Will you please pray for our finances. My husband lost his job and we got his 401k but we filed chapter 13 and we are worried that they might take all our money. My husband is depressed and he has addictions.
    Thank you for your prayers
  • God to guide my sister

    My sister has 4 kids, the older two were taken away from my her, and twins that are with her. The dad of twins is back in jail for trying to hurt my sister and one of the twins. On christmas eve she told me that she is about 4 mo. pregnant. She uses drugs. I have asked my sister to let me raise the twins until she can get off of drugs and away from the abusive boyfriend. She is about to be homeless with twins and pregnant. I have told her that she stay with me as long as she is off the drugs, but she will not. I asked her to bring her babies and let me take care of them, she is afraid she will lose her welfare. I love my sister, but i am upset. She herself knows she is a bad mom. Now she is pregnant and wants to give the latest baby away (to non family) for adoption. please pray for her, God knows her name please pray for God's will for these babies, God knows i would take them.
  • Guidance for Mom in CA

    My mother recently moved to an area she doesn't feel safe in but wanted to be In that town to help my sister & see her grandson regularly. If she moves near us she wouldn't see the grandson except a couple times/year since other grandma has custody
  • Guidance needed

    We appreciate prayers for guidance in a couple big areas in our lives right now...thanks so much!
  • Protection and the Lord's help

    First, thank you for any prayers lifted in this matter. I will also try to make this as brief as possible so I wouldn't go into too much detail. Long story short, we are living in a not very safe neighborhood. My wife and I are both disabled (my wife has cerebral palsy and epilepsy) and thus we are on a fixed income. Due to the fixed income we are unable to save for a move, let alone rental or purchase of another place. We have been praying for years, the more we pray the worse things seem to get here. We don't want a hand out, just a chance.

    Our request is that the Lord will keep us safe and help keep the stress levels down for my wife's health, as well as His aid in finding the finances to be able to get a new place.

    Again thank you in advance for the prayers.
    God Bless