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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Struggling

    I've got a great job and things are slowly falling into place and I thank HIM for that! However, i am still a new Christian and my fire hasnt been burning as brightly for Him. I was going to start really delving into the old testament and really pouring over it all. Then a friend of mine who liked to disagree with me on God, passed away. He liked to talks aliens and everything inbetween but also would mention prayer and God so I know there had been possibly maybe a seed planted. Maybe its because I'm wondering if he made it to Heaven but I have blackslid myself into a place and im not sure how to get the wheel rolling to get out of this. Please pray for me to find my way back. I find the only time there is peace within, is when I feel connected to the Lord.
  • Following and Trusting the Lord

    Please continue to lift me up - that I slow down and listen to the Lord. Truly believing that he is working with me in finding the job that will allow me to help the community, as well as,, use my Masters. Pray that the screening committee calls me and offers me an interview.
  • School and car

    Please pray that i can stay focused in my studies and graduate. I am in my last three overwhelming months of school and national boards. Pray that I can maintain my knowledge base and pass my exams. Also please pray that my car and finances makes it through it all as well.
    In Jesus name I pray!
  • Trust

    My girlfriend and I are struggling right now, I believe that some of my past relationship is causing trust issues between my girlfriend and I. I shouldn't bring that into our relationship but there is something deep seated that I want to be released from. I love my girlfriend with my all, she is truly my best friend and don't want to lose her. I feel if I don't take care of my issues from my past marriage I will ruin this one. I am seeking prayer for Gods intervention, deliverance, and guidance. I am broken on the inside just knowing that I am hurting my best friend. Please pray for ME!
  • Pray for my sons

    My sin Ricky is going to transfer to a Christian school. He is afraid, please pray for him so he likes it and learn more about God. Please also pray for Edgar lately he hasn't been making good choices and now he is paying the consequences please pray for him to invite Jesus in his heart.
  • Neighbor Heart hurts

    Please join me in prayer for my neighbor as she is going through pain and fears. Thank you
  • Landlord chemical imbalance and need for God

    Please join me in prayer for my landlord as his depression has taken control of him. Thank you
  • Sons & daughter decisions

    Pls pray The Lord will help them in their decisions with school & important decisions they are facing right now... They are 22. 24,25.Thx so much!
  • Father and Teen Son Relationship

    Please pray for my husband and youngest son, 16. They are having a terrible time communicating. Father has been harsh and son will speak very little to him. It breaks my heart. Son has confided to me he wants to desperately graduate and when he does he will never come back. Husband is very difficult to talk to regarding son and does not apologize for ANYTHING. When I try to talk to him about this he always disagrees and then blows my cover. I cannot change either of them. I am so stressed out, it is making even my job stressful. Not sure if marriage will make it in the long run. Just praying right now and hoping someone else will, PLEASE. Thank you.
  • (no subject)

    Please pray for Rachel, a young woman in Boise who was hit by a truck while bicycling, trainig for the Ironman race in Hawaii next month. She has many injuries including: brain swelling, bruised lungs, broken back, clavacle, sternum, ribs, elbow and wrist. She is in critical condition. Please pray for healing. Thank you for your prayers!