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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Strength

    Will u please pray for the people in danger of fire and I need prayer for strength and guidance. Thanks
  • relationship

    i was with my wife for a little over 9 years we had alot of ups and downs i made some bad decisions and took the wrong paths we have three kids and now we have been apart for the last 8 months i am doing everything to be a better man for them and myself i love them with all my heart and soul i want nothing more in this life than to repair the damage i helped create and fix my family i hope with all my heart she feels the same and we can get back together and have the family we all deserve please pray for us that we can do this that the love isnt gone they are my world my happiness my everything
  • Prayers for adult children & sister

    Pls pray my children remember the Lord & want Him to reign in their lives and are open to Him in areas they struggle & same with my sis in Ca
  • Sale of property

    I am asking for prayers for my property to sell immediately...I am needing to assist my parents financially as my father is indefinitely in a nursing home due to massive stokes.
  • healing prayers

    Please pray pray for my son he has a chronic condition. hes 4 months old .Am so distressed I feel like giving up on my faith and life .please I cant stand see him suffer i feel so depressed!!!!!!!!
  • Help

    My husband is very depressed about life and finances. He said if he wasn't christian he would take his life.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • Missionary Family

    My sister and her family are missionaries with Wycliffe. They've been home for furlough and training for the last two years, but now they're in Cali for a bit, then they'll be leaving for their second missionary term in (the safer) Congo. They have five children under ten, along with their missionary stuff that they're doing. I'd like to ask for prayer for their safe travels, wisdom in their decisions and parenting, continued support from people, protection as they live and work in Congo, God's peace and guidance, and that their work would be productive and would glorify God.
  • Wild Fire's In Washington State

    Washington state and every where else,, wild fire's causing so many problems. People loosing there homes ,, people loosing there lives ,,, people suffering from the smoke. Please Help Me Pray For The Fire's To Go Out and The Safety For The Fire Fighters and Everyone Who Is Suffering From The Smoke Including Me and My Son. My name is Guy and my son's name is Brandon.

    Help Us All Lord ,, Thank You For Your Prayers
  • Homeless

    We are in the worse financial bind and will be living in our car soon. I am asking God what to do now and my prayer request is for a financial miracle. Thank you and God Bless!
  • stress

    I'am having a nervous breakdown. If you could send some prayers my way. I can't sleep much anymore.