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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • dad

    Please pray for my family because my father refuses to go to church now, and because of this his faith is weakening. As it weakens it makes him angrier and angrier and its hard not to argue with everything he says because he makes me super mad every time he says anything against my mom or mean/cruel to someone in my family. Pray God helps us all and strengthens us all in this test of faith.
  • Job

    I lost my job 3 years ago, have worked odd jobs off and on. Haven't worked 4 months. I'm in need of Full time work and decent wage $15.00 Hr.. I just lost my place to stay Monday and now I'm sleeping in my car. Need gas and some food to eat. I want to work. Please pray that God helps me find work.
  • Wisdom after Divorce


    Please pray for me. My ex-husband recently remarried and I am going through a lot of emotional upheaval. I desire peace and comfort from God.

    Thank you!
  • Job Related Stress

    I need prayer concerning my job related stress. Some of which is caused by being overwhelmed with the work load and not feeling as though I am appreciated, a pay raise is long over due and I want to stay, but need more money in order to meet my financial needs. Please God guide me and hold me up! Help me not to be envious of others pay or thinking about money...which can indeed be the root of all evil. Pray for me please!
  • Struggling

    I am just overwhelmed and tired of bills and the constant struggle. I need dog food for my dog and don't have the money. He is my best and only friend I have. He is happy and healthy but has to have a certain diet. I also have serious car repairs, regular bills and health issues. I feel like this life is causing me heart problems. It seems I get one mess cleaned up and 5 more pop up. I've tried to find a cheaper place to rent, live an a RV or get a tiny house but my prayers aren't answered for some reason. I don't have family or friends to turn to. I am tired of the rain. If you can lend a prayer that would be wonderful. Thanks!
  • Praise God

    I want to praise God because my son went to a Christian rehab he was refusing to go but today he listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for my son Edgar he is afraid but he wants to trust God .
  • Praise to my Almighty God!

    Just to update all of you prayer warriors. My husband Chuck was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma three weeks ago and I put our a call to prayer for him and God answered our prayers. Chuck had a PET Scan and the cancer has not moved into any other parts of his body nor has it gone into his bone marrow. It has been incapsolated into just the one tumor. He starts Chemo therapy Friday and Saturday, July 25 7 26. Please pray that his body will be able to take the Chemo with very few side effects. He will get 5 doses of the Chemo, one dose of two different kinds of medicine, every 2 weeks. He is still hurting a great deal, but as the tumor shrinks, the pain will go down. Our God is Awesome and worthy to be praised!
  • Mom of 3 with cancer

    Please pray for one of the teachers @ my daughters school. She has cancer & has been through chemo over the last year, thought to be in remission. Sadly the cancer has returned & she needs a bone marrow transplant. She will have to leave her family(including 3 young children) for an extended period of time.

    Pray a donor match is found soon. And for God to be with her & her family as they endure this difficult time.

    We also ask for prayers to find a good replacement teacher to take over while our beloved teacher is away.

    Thank you
  • Young girl considering abortion

    Last night a friend of my granddaughter approached me for advice. His Ex girlfriend just found out she is pregnant and is considering an abortion. He is against the abortion and is willing to take full responsibility for the baby once it is born. Please pray for this young couple that they will make the right decision. She has no religious background. He has some. Pray that in this difficult time they will each find God. Pray for wisdom for this young man as he talks with his ex. Pray also that he finds a better job and that he finds the resources he needs to get through this difficult time.
  • Mercy and grace Jesus!

    Could you all please pray for The Lord to show His mercy and grace on my life? My Dad is at the end of his life and is at peace it seems. I am not. I will miss him. A deer ran into my car and I need grace with the insurance company. I am lonely with my husband leaving me and pray for a reconciliation. I just want to trust The Lord for all these things and that He would have mercy on my soul. I'm emotionally spent and need rest Jesus.
    Thank you so much and God bless you all.