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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing and needs

    Please pray in agreement for Alan's healing and pray we are blessed by Jesus with grace, love and provisions.
  • Relationships

    I pray God helps me in relationships,especially with girls...I seem to have a lot of problems in relationships and my self esteem is getting rattled.
  • Vigor and energy at work!

    Jesus please help me to have your gracious attitude toward the people I interact with every day at work, your love to permeate my heart and emotions so I can be truly free in you
  • Sons & daughter

    Praise our son is interested in taking a phlebotomy course soon! Lord to give him continued encouragement & motivation to pursue this course and have a definite direction for his artistic abilities, to use his talents for God's glory
  • Open doors

    Want to visit family in CA, hurts from the past to be forgiven & trust restored, husband to have peace about timing. Sister to get a job soon and a genuine Christian friend at church, mother's heart to be strong
  • Steve has had a stroke

    My "nother daughter Cheryl Wright Barry" husband Steve has suffered a stroke and been airlifted to Spokane Drs think they caught him within the allotted time to give medication to help stop it. He is only 55. Please pray for both of them as well as his brother and his wife who drove over. Thank you and God bless you
  • help for nephew

    In this age of political correctness, I know I have to be really careful what I might say, cause somebody might get offended or hurt. This is all I am going to say. We found out my nephew was molested by his older brother as a child. My sister told me today he is talking about becoming a woman. Please pray that God would help him make the right decision. Please pray that Gods will would be done. Thank you. Nothing would make me stop loving him. and that is the truth.
  • Family at church

    We need guidance, (especially my husband) with how to interact with a couple in our church, who our recent lead pastor (who has resigned, due to elder suggestion)and a ministry they were interested in both felt they have asked way too much financially from the church already..Husband drained from perpetual work & church & extended family problems
  • Need prayer for wisdom for right medication

    I am dealing with depression and it is actually a side affect of medication, but it seems like I need the medication for the other benefits it has, I am just confused on what to do, I really need God's guidance...I am scared, this feels like the Lord's discipline, the last 3 weeks have been painful.
  • Friends Mother in law

    Please pray for a dear friend's mother in law. She has diabetes and has been struggling with health issues. She is currently in a coma due to a brain lesion/possible stroke. She also has a sore on her foot that has left an open wound down to her bone. Her family is very distressed and are being told she may not make it. If it be God's will she can make a full recovery and still have some wonderful years with the family!