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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing and protection

    No bad side effects from meds I took
  • Daughter's interview

    Prayer she can be a stay-at-home Mom as long as possible. She interviewed recently but would need to work nights so wouldn't see her older son or hubby much:( Son gets home from school at 4 and she would have to work 3-11 if she gets the job. My prayer is she would find better hours or hubby would work more instead
  • Prayer for mental health and wisdom for future

    I have a socialized anxiety disorder and other mental health issues. I pray God gives me wisdom to get past this, I get disability and have incurred a lot of debt to heal my disease and now I am actually scared to lose my disability, partially because of all the debt I have incurred, this might seem like a silly prayer but I need God's strength on what to do.
  • Little boy with a really bad burn

    My friend's great-grandson had an accident and has a horrible burn injury to his face and neck and was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. He is only 1 1/2. Can you add this little guy to your prayer lists?
  • healing

    I have had you pray for my sister Linda. And it has made a difference. There is less pain. Thank you. I ask you to pray for her again, and keep her in your prayers. She is still dealing with a lot of pain in her knees and joints, including her neck, back, shoulders, and feet. God bless everyone
  • healing

    Please pray for Justin. He has ptsd and social anxiety disorder. Do to past struggles in which he was abused sexually, mentally, and physically. Please pray that God would come against any of the devices that hold his soul in this condition. That he would forgive and let go of the shame. And be set free. Thank you
  • debt

    Please pray that my fiance and I can come up with the money to get married, and climb out of debt. Thank you
  • Wisdom

    Son about to graduate, wants to attend a Christian college and play baseball, he also wants us to move with him. He has anxiety , he has come so far and I want it to continue.This was always the plan, but daughter made choices and is pregnant and doesn't want us to leave now. Wisdom, I don't want either child to feel like I picked one over the other. Plus we don't have a way to pay for college so could just use guidance. Plus for daughter to follow God.
  • Quitting smoking and overeating

    I’ve quit smoking in the past...sometimes for almost two years, other times just for two days...after tragedy hit February my family and I have gotten extremely closer to God but I’m finding it hard to break my nicotine addiction once and for all. I’ve also lost 65 pounds a few years back and am slowly putting it back on by over eating and it’s causing me to feel depressed and I’m finding it hard to love myself. I know Jesus loves me but I am not sure I love myself
  • My work hours and sister to get job

    Lord to grant me the hours I need at work to allow us to help with grandkids. My sister in CA, age 37, really needs a job that allows her to see her kids on certain days, her boyfriend situation to be godly, for her to be wise this time