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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance

    Please pray for for my son Samuel. He has been struggling with Gods direction for his life. At this point, he is unsure if he wants to continue with college in the fall. He will be working over the summer. I pray God will bring a positive influence in his life, someone he can talk with. A mentor or friend that maybe going through the same struggles in life. Thank you
  • Home

    We are in the home buying process, please pray that we are eligible for our own home and that God will give us favor on the house we have our eyes on. God we leave it in your hands, guide us through this scary, stressful road. We give you the glory Lord Almighty!
    Thank you
  • Direction For Son/Medical Miracle

    I posted this request recently. Please continue to pray for our son's direction, career and possible school or job. This is incredibly important at this point. It will very much impact how he handles his emotions.
    God said no to the healing. We still put our hope in the Lord, and pray there is a miracle in the future. Our family appreciates the prayers that were submitted on his behalf. May the Lord Bless you.
  • First time home buyers

    We started the process to purchase a home and ask for prayer that we are eligible and also for Gods favor on us for the home we have our eyes on. This process is scary and I hear very stressful. God we give you the glory and leave it in your hands, please guide us!
    Thank you
  • New family broken with addiction

    My significant other and I just had a baby 3 weeks ago today. We overcame a meth addiction when I got pregnant. But he relapsed recently. So much has fallen apart so quickly since then and he is a COMPLETELY different person. We have been fighting badly all week. We are about to lose everything that we have built. I need prayers for my daughter please, that this not effect her and for me to be guided on what to do for her, we are sleeping on my moms couch and i dont know what we'll do permanently if this continues. I can't get child care to go back to work after all of this either. Every $ in our account is gone. Pray mostly for Brandon. For God to intervene and do what it takes to stop him and get us through this and swiftly. For him to see a light, he doesn't really know God like I do. And again, to guide me in what to do or how to help. Thank you.
  • Family

    I have struggled with my in laws since getting married. I would ask for any prayers to help heal the rift in the family. I just want to have a place in the family or have God heal my heart so their rejection doesn't hurt so badly. I ask that God show me where I am wrong so that I might change according to his will and he bring peace and comfort to the whole family. I am so tired of fighting.
  • Housing

    My friend Jennifer in Ireland is trying to build a house on her widowed fathers land. She wants to care for him in his elder years and begin her family soon. She has two weeks left before she gets the final yes or no to build. Please pray that all obstacles are removed from their path and are given the right to build. Please pray the neighbors will do what is necessary to let her build. They are the only ones to object to the building. Thank you for your prayers!!