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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • S

    Been such a long drought in every aspect of life. Prayers are so appreciated. Really upset.
  • My wife is battling with major depression for the past several days.

    Please pray for GOD to bless my wife and comfort her from her memories of a painfull past. Pray that she can feel GOD's love upon her to help lift her sprits from the darkness that she finds herself in.
  • Update on bunnies!

    Hey, I just thought I'd give an update on the rabbits...if there is anyone who saw my posts a few weeks ago, and was wondering how my rabbits were doing.

    Thumper (The survivor is doing great in his new home, as Julian.)

    And Princess, and Harvy (My babies! As in rabbits. :)) are HEALED! No more worms! PRAISE GOD!
    Just join me in praise, and worship as we thank God for this miracle! Not only are the worms gone, but Harvy (Who was in very bad condition, like tired and stuff) since I've been praying for him, there was an OVER NIGHT change as soon as I prayed energy and strength over him. LITERALLY! I pray for my rabbits every night, and as soon as I thought to pray strength and energy over him, the next morning he was acting with a LOT more energy! PRAISE GOD! :D
  • road from drug addiction to recovery

    Update to my prayer request from 10/28: MY FRIENDS SON WHO IS ADDICTED TO DRUBS WITH CHANCE TO GET IN REHAB IN FL:
    UPDATE: HE HAS HAD 2 ENCOUNTERS WITH CHRISTIAN MEN. ONE IN JAIL( WHO PRAYED OVER HIM WHILE WITHDRAWING THORUGH THE NIGHT) AND ONE ON THE PLANE AS HE CURRENTLY IS ON HIS WAY TO FL FOR REHAB. HE TEXTED HIS MOM THIS MORNING TO SAY~ "Guess who I sat next to on the plane….. a hard core religious guy who started talking to me about God before I said anything! LOL! So crazy God is beating it in my head. I am doing the right thing and it makes me feel good”. If you would please continue to prayer for this young man as he has struggled since he was 14 with drug addiction. He has purpose in life, God has purpose for him. This young man will make a positive difference in lives I just know it. But he needs prayers for strength as he has a tough journey ahead.
  • homeless man i met needs prayer

    My wife and I met a homeless man in cda a month ago and got the privlage that night to lay hands on him and pray for him. I could tell that the Lord touched his life that night and just wanted to make sure that he is still being prayed for and that his persistence in pursuing a job and putting his life back together doesn't end. He was a great guy to talk to and hope his life is going in the right direction. Thanx for your prayers:)
  • Faith, Patience and new job

    Please pray for me that I hear the Lord and follow the direction he wants me to take. I need his favor upon me to find a job that will allow me to use my Masters and do his work. If he wants me to stay in my current place please pray for work that will allow me do is work and to stay busy!
  • Seperation Anxiety/ Insecurities

    I started an internship at my church, The Garden. Prior to that I had been basically engaged to the man that I am going to marry, we were doing things Gods way, saving ourselves for our wedding day, until one night we made a mistake and then it all went down hill from there, we have been together for almost a year and so we didn't want to split but because we were already intimate with each other we decided to take it up to our Pastor, because to be ALL IN in the internship there cant be any intimacy and so our Pastor suggested we spilt but be friends because we need to build a friendship and we need to protect ourselves in this internship.. He now has deleted me out of his life and I feel like he has given up. it literally makes me sick knowing im not with him.

    Thanks for standing in agreement with me.
  • Father and Teen Son Relationship

    Hello. I have previously requested prayer for a father and son relationship that was in disarray. We have been struggling with this for quite some time, bathed in much prayer. My son (16) has asked to leave the home. He is now gone temporarily. The request is for both father and son, but for the marriage as well. This is something we have never had to deal with in our family, and we're finding that we are not as spiritually strong as we once thought. I fear for our future together. Please, please pray for us. Thank you.
  • Business Recovery and Eating Disorder Recovery

    Please pray for our family. We own a small family business that has been in decline for the last several years - since the recession and a big-box store opening nearby. Please also pray for my recovery from an eating disorder. Oddly, I believe these two situations are connected somehow but I am having trouble understanding. For now I have my faith. Thank you for praying.
  • Clarity for sons & jobs

    I'd like prayers for The Lord to give one son a job when he graduates from his tech school in Feb. We'd like him to live close to us again & for other son to find a different job with steady hours & a schedule he can count on & clarity for some friendships...to let them go or re-connect with a gal he courted 3 years