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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Dire

    I am going to lose my insurance and I need it for my job. Please God send the missing money as soon as possible. I am not sure why this is happening.
  • Nightmares

    Please pray for me, I've been having too many nightmares and they just get worse and worse. I used to sleep and have no dreams at all but the last few months I keep having nightmares. Please say a prayer for me.
  • Sleeplessness

    Please pray as I am having hives and can't sleep anymore.
  • Mom

    Please pray for my moms health, she has not been feeling well lately she works 6 days a week sometimes 12 hours a day. Her feet hurt really bad and her body is getting weak. Thank you
  • Daughter

    I would like to request prayer for my daughter who has left her family, kids and is not doing well she's into drugs and alcohol. haven't heard from her for some time and I'm getting increasingly concerned for her safety and will being. Usually I hear something. I would like to once again request a prayer from the prayer warriors in a call done in the past I really really appreciate it. That God would touch her life where she was at and bring her back to him and to us we really miss her
  • a failing relashinship

    feels like theres a gap in my heart no fire just a gap i need a repair in my relashinship with christ it got harder i think its doubt
    i dont know im just trying to hang on to jesus i need a prayer to save my relashinship
  • My oldest son

    My oldest son is an amazing man ,father, and son....my past of 18 years ago forever creeps up and haunts our relationship. My sister was found face down in snow drift after pulls and alcohol..found by him. Please pray for my sisters healing and my relationship with son. He wishes not to speak to me or allow me near my grandchild. He believes I too am back into addiction and there is nothing I can sayou to convince him ...am giving to God.
  • Healing in my body to take place

    First of all thank you so much for your prayers! It is so comforting to know that other people are praying for me. I desire healing and I have many health issues that have continued for 8 years that cause me a lot of pain and some that are very scary. I am at a lost at what to do . The financial burden of it is getting hard for my family. Please pray that God bring to my body the healing and peace that I desire. Thank you!
  • Need a money miracle.

    I too need a financial miracle. Things are dire. They were supposed to pay me back in November and it's been one hang up after another. They finally said they would pay us by January 17th now they are saying it won't be until the end of February. I am completely out of money, sold everything I could and feeling so upset. We will possibly be homeless if they make us wait any longer. It just keeps piling on.
  • Health Insurance getting Denied for Me and My Daughter for No Reason

    We were told during open enrollment not to worry we would get our health insurance retroactive 1/1/17 and there is no reason we would not get it. I have provided them everything they've asked for and have done nothing wrong according to everyone - an outdated system and inexperienced underwriters just denied because they don't understand our applications. They have made false assumptions and denied. Have been told this could be illegal what they are doing and are all supposedly talking with everyone's supervisors but I have heard nothing and meanwhile am very exposed, fearful and needing this insurance for health issues needing attention for both of us with very specialized people educated on our care. Praying this can and will get resolved easily and soon.