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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Praise

    Thanks be to God for answering prayer and for you for praying. It looks we have a firm offer on our house. Please continue to pray all goes through fine and our buyer's home sells for her (the offer goes through anyway). So she will know God is good.
  • Pain, depression, marriage, strength for healing

    For the last 2 months, my husband and I have been living together again after 18 months of separation while he was in a Christian residential recovery program. I've been dealing with chronic pain for decades. A fender bender last weekend meant every previous injury flared up. No, I didn't tell him how badly that 'little' bump hurt me & remind him every day that it was enough to physically knock me out for who knows how long. Yesterday he was after me about the pity party I've been holding for myself all week. I hope I'm facing more surgery, but right now, after 27 years of marriage and all the struggles, I'm not at all sure we should keep trying to be married.
  • Strength to Obey

    I need ears that hear the Holy Spirit when He tells me to not light up a cigarette and not drink that glass of wine. I know He is telling me this and now I just need the Lord's strength and my obedience will follow.
  • police officer

    Sorry for the last entry. I spelled something wrong. Derrick delzaio got shot on a chase in wapato. Please pray for healing. Please pray that he will be able to return to work.
  • Prayer for guidance

    Our family needs guidance in alot of areas right now. Thanks!
  • Sore Hammertoe

    Please pray for my relief from a hammertoe on my right foot that has a pressure sore and its stinging whenever I walk on it. It is stinging right now as I'm sitting in my chair typing this. I have an appointment on Thursday the 20th to have it surgically straightened. Please pray for it to stop stinging or the next 5 days are not going to be very pleasant.
    Thank You for having the Prayer Center so we can send our petitions to God. God Bless You ALL!!!!
  • Last Days!

    Hi my brothers and sisters if you think being homeless might be difficult try it in the last days at 67 years of age no one cares no one smiles everyone only cares about themselves that is why i need your prayers being saved i just have to grin and bear it.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 3/15/14
  • update on friend

    My friends back is better. Thanks for the prayers. Also, She works with our K-9 unit and her partner got s Bhutto ot. Please pray for him.
  • Financial, Housing, Depression, Overwhelmed by the world...

    There is a lot to my request, hard to say in just a few minutes. My husband and i are needing to move back to Wenatchee, Washington; we live in Withrow, Washington which is 50 miles away from Wenatchee. Our problem is that we have bad credit, and my husband has a criminal record, he went to prison did his time was released has not recommitted . He has turned his life over to God and has a relationship with God, we pray all the time. when our lease is up we will be out on the street if we can not find a place we are not asking for a hand out we are asking for a hand up! Our lease ends June 5th we need a 2 bedroom house with storage area and a place for a garden. Thank you for your station and all you do i cant wait till i am driving into town tomorrow so i can hear that beautiful music, that brings me closer to God !
  • need prayers please.

    please pray for Jamie and I for guidance.