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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Carla

    Help her mind stay focused onJesus to lead her
  • Love

    Thank you
  • Son re-unite with past gf?

    Son's previous gf came to visit our daughter & he was home. He courted her three years then he ended it due to her bossiness. They have sortof remained friends but he's been unhappy since then but unhappy thinking about getting together too...I dont know what to say
  • Sever bad relationship

    Pls pray Lord will sever bad relationship daughter seems to be in..she is backslidden and has 2 year old son to consider
  • Stay here & daughter re-dedicate heart

    Pls pray husband decides to stay put longer (for grandson's sake) and daughter feels Lord drawing her to Him tonight in an awesome way!
  • Marriage and past

    Lord please help you children amen.
  • Daughter & grandson

    My daughters decisions are completely affecting our lives. She has a two year old son & we want to live near him. Husband wants to change jobs to another town. I am always stressed
  • Delivery

    Daughter due to deliver 2nd baby and will need to induce if baby does not come in the next few days. Prayers to calm her fears, a safe delivery for mom & baby, and a healthy baby in mind, body, & spirit. I know God is always with us every step of the way but she has not reached that place in her journey. Thank you for your prayers :)
  • Understanding for Dad

    Pls pray our children will have a soft heart toward their Dad when he has to explain why we need to move again...they are adults but two moved to be near us & he even told them we won't move again if they come here
  • Marriage and past

    Jesus to set us free from our pasts.help now Jesus we need deliverance