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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Math help

    I am a college student and I have my final in my math 99 class this Thursday the 14th. I completely failed my last test which dropped my grade a lot. I did study for it but I forgot a lot on test day. I have to get a 2.0 or better to move on I really need a miracle, which would be that God would give me the knowledge and willpower to ace the final. My instructor said it can not be done I know it can, because our God is on my side. By getting an A on the final I get to move on to next math class. Please pray for my miracle and that God surrounds me with the tutors who will teach me the knowledge that I need. Thank you so much
  • husband and god

    my husband has had a spirtual awaking from god..he has taken off and is finding people to pray for and speaking in churches...i for that matter have been left at home...ive asked to come to hear him and he said no...whom am i to ever think that this did not happen to him..if this is god then let him go ,but if it is not..what shall i do..ive asked when will he be home and he just says god has not told him to come home yet...im so confused on this..and lonely..i worry about him all the time,and i really try to pray and ask for answers..please pray for my husband to come home ..that he is safe and to give me peace and for god to tell me that this is real or not..i keep thinking of oh you of little faith...
  • Prayer needed

    .I have been struggling with insomnia for quite a while. Nothing seems to help. It's been affecting my memory and I'm becoming more and more withdrawn from social activities. I feel tired and drained a lot. Also, some of my coworkers have been rude and ignoring me. It hurts my heart- I've been feeling depressed lately....Thanks for your prayers!
  • enIfQDrSYdtge

    Thank you for this gift is just not enough to say. You have given our failmy a treasure in each one of these photos. You are a wonderful person and friend. May GOD richly bless you is my prayer.
  • VglEHgAPgn

    Joy - WOW! WOW! I remember telnilg you that I loved how you captured the emotion of people - especially in moments they don't even realize you are there. And this is what I see here the happiness and fun that made my wedding day what it was. I LOVE these pictures! THANK YOU!
  • agMMsnbgrD

    What a precious pirtcue!! Kevin loves spending "special" time with Victoria. Acutally, today she has off, so daddy is spending his entire day with her. They just called me and he was on his way to the Library and then out to lunch with her!!! I cherish the time she is able to spend with him...before we know it she will be grown!!

    hi anon,Waaaow!You said you will try and that means half the battle won!Your thakns is the best compliment I can ever get!VA:F [1.9.17_1161]please wait...(1 vote cast)VA:F [1.9.17_1161](from 1 vote) -1Was this answer helpful?
  • OelIbHqMJX

    My relatives in NC have a simlair school year. My kids here (WA) have another month yet you guys probably have to start before Labor Day I'm guessing.
  • Waiting

    I have been trying to get a job all summer, and have applied to nearly two dozen different places. I have had a couple of interviews, but I haven't heard anything. Please pray that I learn of something soon. I'm a teacher, and summer is nearly over.
  • Stress here too

    I can relate to the prayer below me and I prayed for you. My life is really stressful. It has now started to show up on my body. My heart races and I feel like I am going to have a stroke. Today, at my doctor appointment, my systolic blood pressure was really high. I normally have really low blood pressure for both numbers. I get really bad migraines but my doctor is concerned that they are becoming harmful. I am also having problems with my stomach and I can't seem to heal it. Almost everything is going wrong. I need to find a new place to live. I've done everything I can to reduce the stress but new things keeps cropping up. I am just done with it all but it keeps piling up. My body is giving out.