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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • lacerations

    Please pray for quick complete healing of severe skin lacerations on the legs and that they will not get infected, not leave scars, not be painful and not interfere with work or walking. Thank you.
  • Husband

    For my husband to fall in love with Jesus again and His Word and seek Him daily for wisdom and direction and decisions that need to be made to lead our family.
  • Marriage

    Please pray for my friend who is hurting and lonely and tired. She is married to a non believer who is unloving and disrespectful.
  • Brother in laws salvation

    Please pray for a miracle that my brother in law would repent be broken and humble and surrender to the Lord.
  • Celestial Love

    My girlfriend & I simply ask, that you pray with us! That we love purely... That we seek diligently! the things most pleasing to our Heavenly Father. So we can gain the wisdom, courage and strength. To live Celestial lives... We love and need; you All : )
  • Heart to beat

    I'm struggling with allowing my heart to beat again after a painful divorce 6 years ago. I've met a wonderful Christian man, but am afraid to open up and love. Pray that I can tell my heart to beat again (Danny Gokey).
  • Anxiety

    Please pray that I will learn to let God control my thoughts and not the enemy. Pray that I will trust in God's word over the lies. Thank you.
  • Daughter

    Jenny, my daughter has been looking for a job for 5 years and has been unable too. She went back to school but still cannot get a job to support herself.Pray for a job, and she would also like to meet a Christian man. I praying for financial
    stability.and a relationship. Thank you!
  • My friend's surgery

    My friend is undergoing surgery this morning. She was diagnosed with a type of cancer. She is battling her insurance since it does not want to cover the expenses. Please help me pray for her health, she may be drawn closer to God and the other medical/financial issues she is facing.
  • My son Trent

    Please pray for Trent who was just diagnosed with a variety of issues including Bi-Polar and Depression and anxiety. He has struggled his whole life with these issues and is now 26 and i feel he is at a crossroads. Please pray for his relationship with Jesus to be strengthened and for him to overcome his challenges with proper care and treatment. Also pray he gets back to Washington State where he can use his insurance for his treatment. Positive Life Radio has been such a Blessing for me and i love Trent so much and want to see him reach his full God given potential..