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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Sister needs prayers please

    My sister is in poor health. The doctors do not know what is wrong with her. She also has very bad teeth, but has no dental insurance. She went to a free clinic recently where they pulled two abscessed teeth without any Novocain! They just rubbed an “oragel” type of stuff on her gums. Her husband is a drunk, always spending their money on beer, etc. He got arrested a few months ago for drugs, goes to court next month. We are very close, talk often on the phone. She is a good person, believes in God. It scares me when she says things like “I am just too tired to fight anymore. You are the only reason why I struggle to wake up each day.”
  • my son

    Please pray for my son who has been detained. We need a miracle from God
  • Thank you Prayer Warriors!

    Thank you to all who prayed for my daughter's medical dog who almost died!! She is home now and her vitals normal and she is back to her naughty self LOL Thank you also for the prayers for the emergency bill. It was a huge bill and my daughter's trust fund attorney paid it so I didn't have to use bill money. God really blessed us with his care and help during this trial and thank you too for all nice and helpful email messages. God Bless you all and I pray for your prayers too :)
  • Relationships

    Please pray for my relationship. I started dating an amazing man of God, single father of three. He wants to break things off with me because he feels guilty taking time away from his kids. I suggested we see each other only when his kids aren't with him. He is considering this option, but I just pray that he sees he can have both. I am a woman of faith and single mother. He brings out the best in me and has brought me closer to God. I don't want to lose him. I have had a lot of heartache the last couple years and prayed for a man just like this man, that I believed wholeheartedly was sent by God. I just want to do everything possible to hang onto this wonderful man, including reaching out for extra prayer that he can see that he is allowed to be happy in a relationship and still be a good father.
    Thank you so very much.

  • Marriage and Interview

    Please pray for our marriage and relationship. Pray that we can weather this storm. I also would ask for you to pray for the Lord's favor. I had an interview last week and am waiting on the outcome. Pray that if this is where I need to be that the door opens. If it is not pray for peace in my heart!
  • My brother and his wife

    Please pray for my brother and his wife. They just recently lost their baby boy in labor. He was perfectly healthy until about a week or so before her due date. He was so beautiful. I just ask that God will comfort them and my family during this nightmare. Thank you so much, we very much appreciate it.
  • Health

    I have been depressed since my husband died in 2012. I also live with debilitating pain. Please pray for me that I can get healthy so I can do what God has for me.
  • Financial help

    I am a strong believer in God, recently I am struggling financially, I am praying a lot but I cannot get a break through.
    Please pray for me
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His Strength, Wisdom, Knowledge, understanding, Power, and insight, to put my Faith and Action to work together in my life with Him, Jesus My Savior
  • Baby on the way

    we have a baby on the way , have have so many fears , I just want my baby to come out healthy . We need help with Our finances too, we didn't realize with good medical coverage and a good jobs how much things are . It seems too be more stressful , and I Want to enjoy my pregnancy and new baby .