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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • work

    I have a job interview tomorrow, and I am having second thoughts about it.. I don't know if it is the right job for me.. Please pray that I find the right job.. Please continue to pray that God would set me free from fear.. The bible says fear causes torment.. And it rightly says it.. Thank you for your continued prayers.. I hope you all reap a great blessing.. Take care
  • Debt miracle

    A company is making me pay over 1200 dollars out of pocket or else I will be sent to the collectors.
  • Lord, Please Help Me

    Please pray that God will reconcile Amy and I and that He will restore happiness in my life. Thank you for your prayers...
  • Too much stress for too long

    If you could say a prayer for me because I am having some mental health issues. I think the totality of my life has really gotten to me. It is flaring up my PTSD and OCD.
  • Forgive me..

    I pray for forgiveness. There was a bird on the front porch and I let my cat out who then killed it... I feel guilty because I knew the bird was there when I let my cat out... it's like I committed murder and I feel so bad so I ask for forgiveness.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and travel

    I am going to Abu Dhabi next month for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. This is one of the largest tournaments in the world for the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I will be competing in the Para division with other disabled women and I ask for prayer that God will protect me while I am there and that when I stand on that podium, whether I am in 3rd place or 1st, that all who see me will see the true power and glory of God. Thank you and God Bless!
  • God, i call to You

    Dear Fellow Christians, please pray that the Good Lord will shine in my life and reconcile Amy and I as He requested us to do in His Holy word, in Jesus name, Amen!
  • job

    I turned in a medical release note because I was being abused on now my job this year. I have been working here for 12 years with my medical disabillity, but because the abuse is affecting my health they want to let me go. Please pray to keep my Job.
  • Back pain

    Prayer for recovery and relief from herniated disc. Prayers for strength and relief from stress
  • My Family

    Please pray for my family to because one again. We have had some very rough time, and drugs are a big part. He had stop doing drugs for years and all of a sudden again! I’m so destroyed by all of this we have three children that need their father. I kicked him out because drugs are not allowed in our home! Please pray for God to work in his life. We were going to church and everything was going good and one day out of nowhere he changed. I know God is an amazing God and he will get him back because the devil will not win! Please pray for him to change!