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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • 3rd interview for daughter

    Lord to guide interview, able to get hours that allow her much time to see her 2 young boys..6 & 2. She is a stay'at-home Mom and her husband works early mornings. We want to keep watching older grandson on Fri & Sat. Schedule to be good for them & us
  • Peace and Sound mind.

    Please lift my daughter up to Jesus. She just became a mother and is struggling. She needs built up as only God can do. Help her to reconnect with God, and peace and encouragement would also be wonderful.
  • Safe

    I ask that my sister would be protected and safe on her vacation trip. That our God would watch over and bless her
  • God's peace and encouragement

    Please pray for meds I take to work, feel encouraged, close to God. Also overcome severe caffeine addiction that make me feel terrible. Caffeine impacts meds effectiveness.
  • Healing and blessings

    Please pray the Lord provides for and heals Alan physically and blesses him and his loved ones always.
  • Family get to visit

    Desiring to see adult children & grandchildren before we leave on vacation. Grandson's eyes to heal well after surgery, want to keep same routine for visiting, as we have seen older one very often since he's been born, now 6. Daughter to get a job in the Lord's timing and with hours that are best for her children
  • Grief

    Please pray my my family, last Sunday my younger brother at age 48 lost his battle with cancer. It came on so fast, we found out March 17 and then he passed May 19. My mother, brother and I aren't taking if to well, same with his wife and family. We are all so heart broken.
  • healing

    Please pray for the complete healing of my sister Linda's knees, in the name of Jesus Christ. She works hard and is suffering all the time. But can't afford to retire. And it is not just her knees. She has pain in all her joints. Thank you
  • Encouragement

    Lord willing we will get some time together this weekend to relax. Pray our usual battles, struggles supporting family, will not impact this rare occasion. Sleep well at night
  • Encouragement

    Encouragement and peace, turn to and trust God with my weakness, doubts, fears, and future. Godly friends.