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Prayer Center

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Please someone help me. pray for us. I dont know what to do with my wife and our situation. We have been separated for 5yrs. she doesnt want to reconcille, our kids pray for us not to divorce. She has not filed on me for some reason in 5yrs. I cant think, cant sleep, depression, finances, all bad. Her and I arent even friends, yet she wants to keep doing family holidays, Bdays together???? things are getting worse inside me. tried to file on her to give her what she wanted 4x and 2x the paperwork disapeared(my kids)Please pray for us please help me, ask God to show me what to do, I ask God intervene between her and I.. nothing. ITs worse theres nothing left. nothing left no love love she is a stranger to me. please Im asking for help, prayers, cant live like this I give up I have no hope for this broken marriage, divorce only option, but I cant seem to complete it...